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GROOMING GANGS: Rape Gang Leader BACK IN JAIL Months After Early Release

A MAN who was convicted in 2012 of leading a gang that groomed and trafficked underage girls in Telford, was freed in November last year, halfway through a 14-year sentence, is now back in jail.

Murbaek Ali, 35 was found guilty of abusing and trafficking teenage girls as young as 13 alongside his brother Adhel. Adhel was sentenced to 18 years in prison but will be up for parole next year.

His reign of terror was uncovered as part of an investigation by the Sunday Mirror. One victim told a friend:

“I’ve lived in fear of Mubarek Ali for the last seven months.

“We think he’s coming to get us. He drilled that into us for years and said he’d kill our families and rape our sisters.

“We think he’ll abuse more girls if he is freed. They should jail him forever.”

He was released on licence. However, it now appears he has been returned to prison for an unspecified breach of the terms of his release.

Questions clearly have to be asked about why this man was released back into society when the fact that he has been incarcerated again so quickly clearly shows how unsuitable he was for early release especially given the danger he clearly poses to society and vulnerable young girls especially. Once again the system seems to have failed in its duty to protect vulnerable girls.



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