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SICK JOKE: Appeaser Theresa Hands Child Protection Services BACK to Rotherham Council

THERESA May has handed failed Rotherham Council back control of its services that protect children, which were stripped away after the Muslim grooming scandal.

The government control of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has been in place since February 2015 after damning reports into the way more than 1,400 children were groomed, abused and trafficked by Pakistani Muslim men in the South Yorkshire town for more than a decade.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said that following “strong progress” by the council he will return control of all services to them on September 24. This includes children’s social care and the withdrawal of the three government commissioners who have been working there.

The commissioners were appointed following the publication of a report by Dame Louise Casey which found significant failings at the council.

The Casey Report followed the report of Professor Alexis Jay, which shocked the nation when it outlined how hundreds of girls had been exploited by gangs of largely Pakistani Muslim heritage men between 1997 and 2013 as police and social workers did nothing to intervene.

He said: “Vulnerable young people who should have been protected were repeatedly failed by Rotherham Council, which is why the government stepped in to ensure these errors can never occur again.

“I am pleased that strong progress has now been made at the council with the support of the commissioners.

“The return of all powers to Rotherham Council is not a decision that I take lightly, but I am satisfied that the council has learnt the lessons of the past and is now able to provide the services its residents deserve and expect.”

Mr Brokenshire said the changes are “on condition that the council commissions an independent progress review of delivery of services to be completed by February 18 2019, before the directions expire on March 31 2019”.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vera

    19 September 2018 at 21:23

    What is happening, it seems a war has been won without the people being involved. It used to be the bomb in the hands of the enemy, now it’s the governmen t, local govt., Uncle Tom Colby and all who are in charge of it

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