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STILL ON THE STREET: Rochdale Rape Gang Victim Bumps Into Abuser in local Asda



A VICTIM of the infamous Rochdale grooming gang recently met her abuser face to face while shopping in ASDA.

This was not part of a victim perpetrator meet in order to try and understand crimes reported TalkRadio.

Adil Khan was jailed for eight years in 2012 after being convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child, he was released in 2016.

He was supposed to have been deported back to Pakistan he appealed against that and lost that appeal in 2018, but still remains in the UK.


Ian Collins speaks to former detective constable Maggie Oliver, who was the lead investigator on the Rochdale child sex abuse ring case for the Greater Manchester Police.

Maggie claims that the convictions made in the Rochdale child sex abuse ring of 9 men in early 2012 barely scratched the surface of what she describes as a “highly organised crime group that numbered hundreds of perpetrators” and countless young victims.

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