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TELFORD: Teenage rape gang victim was RAPED at GUNPOINT by scores of Muslim men

A VICTIM of the Telford grooming scandal has revealed that as a child she was RAPED at Gunpoint and says she is still struggling to get justice.

Girls as young as 11 had their phone numbers sold, and were coerced into sleeping with multiple Muslim men after being plied with alcohol or threatened with violence.

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A specialist hit team will arrive in Telford next week to make an urgent assessment of 46 live child sexual exploitation cases Sky News revealed.

Several say their abusers are still walking free in their hometown and may never be prosecuted.

The victims says they are struggling to get justice because they were often seen as consenting to sex.

The mother of a grooming victim killed in Telford has called for a review in police procedure towards missing children to prevent further cases.

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Sky News also spoke to a victim who claims to have been abused by more than 100 men in Telford. She claims none of them have been prosecuted.

Speaking about one encounter with a restaurant owner, Louise (not her real name), said: “He would take me around the corner of the restaurant and he would have sex with me.

“Then he would pin me down so all the rest of the restaurant workers could do it to me.”

Louise did not report anything to the police until she was much older. She added: “I didn’t think about going to the police back then because I was too scared because of what they used to say to me.

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“They said they would blow my house up and would kill my mum and dad. They said they would rape my mum if I told anyone.

The car was being driven by Ahmed Nawaz, who admitted causing death by dangerous driving. He was jailed for three years.

Becky Watson’s mother said she only discovered her daughter had been groomed after her death. She discovered clues about her daughter’s secret life in her wallet, which included an appointment card for a family planning clinic.

Lucy Allan MP told Sky News that the Crown Prosecution Service has recently rejected the case of a 13-year-old girl, on the basis that she consented to sex and the perpetrators had believed she was 16.

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The MP said: “We know there is still child sexual exploitation going on in Telford today, and we don’t want to send the wrong message that we don’t care.”

“It is really important that we are seen to be taking this seriously and get to the bottom of what has happened here.

“We don’t want any people in post – whether that be in the police or the council – that aren’t taking this seriously.”

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