U-TURN IF YOU WANT TO: Meet the Thatcher SUPER-FAN who even has a TATTOO of the Iron Lady

DAVID Baker from Scarborough is arguably Margaret Thatcher’s biggest fan.

He has collectables, books a cardboard cut out and even a TATTOO of the Iron Lady – who was Britain’s Prime Minister from 1979-1990.

David told Politicalite “My love for Thatcher first started when she came to Scarborough back in the 1980s – I was a kid at the time and the school had us lined up to wave our union flags at her. As I was only a short arse, I was at the front and she came over to us. I was proper mesmerised by her, That was it – then I just found a true love in my life.”

David added “I even got a Spitting Image MT birthday card from my Mum and Dad for my 7th birthday, I had it framed”

David’s house is full of books, collectables, and pictures of the Iron Lady.

“I’ve even got some Spitting Image bits too, I have a little Maggie rubber head I take to bingo as my lucky charm,” he said.

David even has a TATTOO of the Iron Lady and says “I received a lot of abuse and the guy who did it actually got threats and offers to do it wrong for cash.”

David also revealed that he decorates a cardboard cut-out with lights and a Santa hat for Christmas and added “It’s not Christmas yet so she’s just normal”

If you don’t like David’s collection, I’m sure Thatcher would say “U-Turn if you want to.”






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