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COMMENT: Prince Phillip NEVER feared modernisation of The Firm; neither should Conservatives 

MODERNISATION has helped the British Monarchy to survive for generations. There is nothing to fear by the latest plan to ensure the Royal Family has a more diverse image with a ‘Director of Woke’, despite fears from Conservatives. 

The Queen’s move to establish a Royal diversity department at Buckingham Palace is reportedly in response to Racism claims by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

Prince Harry and the Queen Dropped the Social-Media Mic on Barack and | Vanity Fair

The royal appointment will be tasked with modernising the monarchy and Sources have told the Mail on Sunday that the move is a way of signalling to the country that “more needs to be done to champion minorities rights”.

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Yet many Conservatives and Monarchists on social media are voicing concern that the move will mean the ‘end’ of the Monarchy, but Politicalite knows that modernisation is the only way it will survive.


Prince William Talks Homeschooling George and Charlotte |

The Monarchy as we know it today is a long way from its brutal oppressive roots.

The UK has had a constitutional Monarchy since 1688, which means the Sovereign holds barley any political power compared to the brutal reign of Henry VII who was King from 1509 to 1547. 

The transition to a Constitutional Monarchy was a way to hand power to the people but keep the benefits of having a Monarchy in political crises and chaos. 

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The Windsors have also adapted countless times over the years even changing the family name as it sounded ‘too German’.

The Firm modernised most notably in 1952, when a young Prince Phillip brought in sweeping changes to the coronation ceremony.

Prince Philip 'cheated on Queen with famous women' new book claims just days before their 70th wedding anniversary - Mirror Online

Phillip forced the ‘Men in Suits’ to allow BBC TV cameras into Westminster Abbey for a LIVE broadcast of the Queen’s coronation for the first time in history despite opposition whilst he was Chair of The 1952 Coronation Commission. 

The old guard commission members tried to block the televised proceedings, but Phillip, the chair forced them to allow the BBC into the Abbey.

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One of the BBC Television Outside Broadcast tenders delivering equipment to the television camera positions and control … | Old lorries, Vintage television, Bedford

The Queen gave her permission for this departure from tradition, against official advice – revealing the monarchy’s willingness to “move with the times.”

It was a roaring success and the Royal event was watched by over 10.4 million Brits and made a young Elizabeth a global celebrity. 

The Queen's coronation - 8 fascinating things we learned from The Coronation documentary

The BBC’s Coronation coverage was broadcast around the world. In the United States, 85 million people watched recordings of the highlights, while in Germany all 11 hours of coverage were transmitted. 

Since then Weddings, Funerals and Royal Events have all been televised. Now it’s seen as the norm and helps the Monarchy stay relevant and part of the British psyche. 

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The Royal Wedding | Rumble TV

Phillip’s commitment to modernisation also made the Royals more popular. He was a pioneer. 

Prince Phillip has always prefered to ‘flip over the table’ and ‘Do things his way’ rather than have Buckingham Palace footmen (or women, we’re diversifying, remember!) run around after him, most notably requesting his own electric glass-lidded frying pan so he could cook Breakfast. 

Prince Philip shows off his BBQ skills as he flips a steak sizzling on Aussie barbie - Mirror Online

The Daily Express reported that his former footman Charles Oliver revealed Prince Philip is very “hands-on” when it comes to cooking and often makes his own meals.

“Breakfast and supper snacks are his specialities,” Oliver said. 

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“Wherever he goes, he insists on his electric glass-lidded frying pan being packed so that he can do the cooking.”

Diana, The Princess of Wales also helped the Monarchy connect with the masses via Modernisation, she held the hands of Aids victims when society had relegated them to the dustbin as social pariahs. 


During the height of the Aids crisis in 1987, Princess Diana was photographed shaking hands with an HIV-positive man.

Diana showed in a single gesture that this was a condition needing our compassion and understanding, not fear and ignorance. 

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She connected with Gay rights campaigners and Land Mine activists to change things. She was a revolutionary. 

Ten years later in 1997, Diana in Death changed the monarchy in ways she could never imagine. 

The Royals were attacked in major newspapers – even pro-Monarchy papers like The Sun and The Daily Mail. 

They demanded the Queen show compassion and ordered her to fly the Union Jack at half-mast on Buckingham Palace – a tribute then only attributed to members of the Royal family. 

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The Queen also made a live heart-felt speech on national TV the night before Diana’s funeral – within minutes she had saved the Firm, simply by changing and modernising.

During the Pandemic, the Queen has regularly appeared on TV and made public statements of support to a battle-worn nation. 

The Prince of Wales also benefitted from modernisation – with the Queen allowing Charles to marry divorcee Camila in 2005 – a move that jolted the Monarchy firmly into the 21st Century.

We must not fear Modernisation, The Royals and Britain’s Monarchy can only survive if they continue to adapt. 

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