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ROYALS UNCOVERED: Inside Queen’s SECOND Affair with Deputy Master of Buckingham Palace 

QUEEN Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh was allegedly fraught with affairs, infidelity and even led to bizarre claims that another man is the father of Prince Andrew. 

Earlier this week Politicalite revealed the infidelity by the Duke of Edinburgh with her cousin Princess Alexandra, that led to a temporary ‘split’ that caused alarm within the British Government and on Tuesday we reported on the paternity scandal between The Queen and The Horseman – “Porchie” that has been covered up for decades. 

Today we reveal The Queen’s second affair with Baron Patrick Plunket, Deputy Master of the Royal Household, described as Her Maj’s favourite courtier. 

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In his book ‘Queen Elizabeth II, A woman who is not amused’ , Nicholas Davies reveals how Patrick’s relationship with Elizabeth became remarkably close and he was a stabilising influence in the palace for a quarter of a century.

In private he would greet her with a kiss on the cheek which she welcomed. For over ten years, throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s Elizabeth and Plunket would go out secretly together, to dinner, and to the cinema and, occasionally, the theatre. 

Meet the dashing guardsman Patrick Plunket who captured the Queen's heart  over 25 years — and was a comfort as Prince Philip partied

They would have supper and enjoy a glass of champagne, no one aware of their identities. Frequently on a Monday evening Elizabeth and Plunket would leave the palace in Elizabeth’s old Rover, she dressed in a coat with a scarf over her head to conceal her identity. 

They would often visit a cinema, usually the Odeon in King’s Road, Chelsea, two miles from Buckingham Palace. 

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Plunket would pay, always securing two seats at the back of the auditorium, though at that time there were no assigned seats. 

After the show they would sometimes walk across King’s Road to Raffles Club, a highly respectable dining and drinking place which was decorated like a library and not frequented by the aristocracy. 

They would ask for a table at the back of the dining area, the darkest spot in the club. Together they would enjoy a light meal and a glass of champagne or wine before driving back to the palace around midnight.

Apparently no one recognized Elizabeth, perhaps because they never expected to see the sovereign in such places. 

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These secret outings were an absolute joy to Elizabeth. They were the only moments in her life when she could be among ordinary people, unrecognized and unknown, enjoying mundane life like everyone else. 

When Patrick Plunket (far left) died of cancer in 1975 Elizabeth wept openly. 

Plunket is buried in the royal family’s private burial ground at Frogmore in Windsor Park. His grave is surmounted by an elegant tombstone which the Queen designed. 

Frogmore is where King Edward VIII and the Duchess of Windsor are buried. The ex- king had to make a personal plea to the Queen to permit the Duchess be buried beside him. 

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You might wonder why the Deputy Master of the Royal Household was buried in the royal family’s private burial ground. 


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