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SISTERS AT WAR! Samantha Markle slams Meg’s podcast, says Prince Harry is “demeaned” 

SAMANTHA Markle has slammed her sister Meghan after her Number One podcast beat Joe Rogan on Spotify, claiming she has demeaned Prince Harry.

The first episode of the long-awaited Archetypes podcast was released on Spotify on Tuesday, in a conversation with Meghan’s close friend, tennis great Serena Williams.

The acid-tongued relative of Meghan hit out at younger sister Meghan during an appearance on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight. 

A royal source agreed, telling Politicalite: “Samantha isn’t impressed with Meghan’s podcast.”

“She doesn’t like that Harry pops in for a cameo, thinks it demeans him. “

During the podcast, the Duchess of Sussex – who was mocked on Fox News for her “me me me” mantra interviewed Serena Williams on the first episode of Archetypes.

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Samantha described the podcast as “a lot of feminine chit-chat and purring” 

She accused the Duchess of being “ rather lofty” in her claim that she was able to ‘able to align with issues of womanhood and suffering on the grounds that she went to Immaculate Heart School where she was empowered by the nuns to be independent women’”

“But who paid for that?” asked Samantha. 

“That was all my dad. So let’s face it, we’re not raised in a vacuum. There are others who help us along the way, who support us and who pay for everything that gives us that platform which was our father.”

“Most women are raised to be ambitious,’ she said. ‘But I think there’s been a lot of public scrutiny around how some go about climbing the ladder.”

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Reacting to Dan Wootton’s question on whether she felt Meghan had ’emasculated’ Prince Harry, Samantha said: ‘Harry seems to play second fiddle. It didn’t hurt to use the title and the royal marriage as a springboard but after the wedding was over it feels as though Harry is in the shadow.

‘It was kind of like, ‘Oh let’s let him pop in’. The whole thing felt very staged.

‘Why have him in at all if he’s not being included? It just seemed very dismissive and I felt, insulting – rather than have him included and them both talk about what’s important to them in their lives now.

‘It was really just a lot of feminine chit-chat and purring.’

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The Duke of Sussex’s long-time friend however, congratulated the Duchess of Sussex on her new podcast and her efforts to “empower women”.

Argentine polo player Nacho Figueras, who is an ambassador for Harry’s charity Sentebale, said Meghan “means well” with the podcast and is attacking important subjects.

Figueras and his wife Delfina Blaquier are also good friends of the Sussexes.

He said: “She is always there, they have two very young children,” Figueras said.

“She’s also working very hard on her podcast that I want to congratulate her on.

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“Sometimes the team has to divide to go on duty. That’s the only reason she’s not here, but she’s always here in spirit.”

Asked if he liked her new podcast he replied: “I do”.

“I think that she means well, she really wants to empower women and attack certain subjects that I think are important,” he said.

“So I wish her the best and I know that she cares about making the world a better place.”

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In the first episode of Archetypes, Meghan shared the trauma of how her young son Archie narrowly escaped a fire in his bedroom on the Sussexes’ royal tour to South Africa.

Royal sources however, denied the claim. 

Additional reporting by MailOnline.

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