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TREACHERY AT THE PROMS: Bitter Remoaners HIJACK British institution

LOONY Remain activists handed out EU flags at the Last Night of the Proms… proving how anti-British they really are.

BITTER Europhiles caused chaos and panic across Britain after they hijacked The Last Night of the Proms on Saturday.

The BBC received calls from worried fans who feared the event had been hijacked by the Germans.

The annual show of Britishness, pageantry, pomp and circumstance, was hijacked by Pro-Remain activists.

The Activists who are currently on the run in the Mediterranean, handed out the free flags to gullible drunken elitists who may or may not have realised what they were doing.

Proving how silly they are, the pro-EU idiots sang along to ‘RULE BRITANNIA!’ whilst waving their oppressive EU flag.


Even more shockingly, a faction behind this treacherous act claimed that the EU flag was the flag of EUROPE and was forced to backtrack on Twitter.

This traitorous show of solidarity with the EU was debunked by the sweeping shots of patriotic Britons watching in Hyde Park… not a single EU flag could be seen.

That is a great metaphor for Brexit, the Elitists locked themselves away in the Royal Albert Hall whilst the people who actually make Britain great stood in the rain and waved Britain’s flag.

Wouldnt it be great if we could deport these Anti-Brexit fanatics to the continent where they belong.


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