EU TRAITOR: Nicola Sturgeon To Expose UK’s Vaccine Supply Secrets 

NICOLA Sturgeon is set to commit ,in what some commentators say is “treason” against HM Queen’s Government and the United Kingdom after siding with the European Union amid the AstraZeneca Vaccine Trade War.

Treason – is the crime of betraying one’s country, and Nasty Nicola will publish highly classified data on Britain’s vaccine supply in a strategic move to disrupt the British vaccine effort. 

Boris Johnson and his Government have asked Sturgeon not to expose the supply figures and keep them secret, for security and strategic reasons, yet the Scots First Minister will plow on with her treasonous plot.

She said the figures will be published from next week “regardless of what they [Her Majesty’s Government] say” in a bid to increase ‘transparency’.

Shouty Sturgeon said Government ministers had a “hissy fit” over the publication of the data, and accused them of briefing “misleading figures on supply”.

A source was quoted as saying: “The reason we didn’t want to publish these figures was because everyone in the world wants these vaccines.

“If other countries see how much we are getting, they are likely to put pressure on the drug firms to give them some of our allocation.”

The exposure of the UK’s vaccine supply numbers will only help the European Union amid the row between Britain and Brussels after Europrats attempted to halt vaccine exports to Britain in what some see as a ‘tit for that’ move to help their fledging vaccine rollout that has seen the UK vaccinate more people than the whole of the EU combined.


FAILING and left behind European Commission thugs raided the vaccine site of AstraZeneca on Wednesday, in an attempt to pressure the British pharmaceutical company into providing more vaccines for EU member states as the British vaccine effort speeds ahead of the Europrats.

The Telegraph reported that AstraZeneca’s site in Belgium was raided at the request of the European Commission.

Brussels claims the British firm sold vaccines reserved for the EU to the now independent United Kingdom.

Brussels is demanding millions of the AstraZeneca vaccines and threatened to BAN Pfizer vaccine imports to the UK in a selfish move that shows us just why Brexit was the right thing for Britain.

A European Commission spokesman told The Daily Telegraph: “We do not comment on the scope, on why it’s been undertaken and what has been audited,” but did not comment wether Brussels ordered the raid.”


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