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I’ve had it with the ‘Gender Agenda’ within the LGBT community


The issue of Gender within the ‘LGBTQ’ community threatens to destroy all of the progress we have made towards equality.

I’m exhausted at the ever increasing list of differences being thrust upon us. If it isn’t Gender Queer, it’s Gender Fluid or its Non-Binary’ IM SO CONFUSED!

As a gay man, I’m tired of the issue of ‘Gender’ being part of the community that is supposed to represent me and my sexuality.

Sexuality is a different issue to gender, and it’s time we separated the two.

I and some of my fellow Gay and Lesbian friends feel that the ‘Gender agenda’ is making us outcasts again.

It is happening at the expense of other Lesbian, Gays and Bisexuals who have won equality and are now accepted by most of Western society.

Yet the far left has hijacked our cause and added multiple letters onto an already packed community.

It was once LGB then it was LGBT, now it’s LGBTQWXY bloody Z.

The term ‘LGBTQ’ has become something I am ashamed of, it doesn’t represent me or my sexuality and merging gender with sexuality needs to be addressed.

This isn’t my fight, it isn’t on my agenda – I just want to live life as a normal man – who happens to be gay.

I don’t want to get involved with the freak show that is ‘Gender Fluid’ or whatever the crazies wish to call it.

The left’s insistence on supporting the craze that is ‘Gender Fluid’ threatens to destroy all the progress the Gay, the Bisexual and Lesbian community has made.

I’m not saying don’t fight for your cause, but why not create your own group, stop clinging onto the successes of the Gay Community.

It’s time we stood up for what we believed in, instead of allowing the extreme left push ever more extreme things upon us and the wider population.

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