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BIG TECH CENSORSHIP: Facebook Ban Hits Armed Forces Education Page

Facebook’s reign of tyrannical and bonkers censorship continues. It has hit the British & Commonwealth Forces page whose sole purpose is to educate people about military history. In a statement posted to the page the admins confirmed that the page would be out of commission until November 1st.

Of course, this is the latest in a long list of blatant censorship by the big tech giant. Earlier in the month over 800 pages were removed in an arbitrary fashion for what the social media giant described as “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”.  Politicalite had its Facebook page removed earlier in the year as well and conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic have had their personal accounts targeted to the point where President Trump has interceded by launching a reporting facility for people who feel they have been unfairly targeted.

However, it is not just British and American conservatives that have been targeted. Prior to the European Elections in May, pages supporting Matteo Salvini’s League Party were targeted and, even further afield, the same happened in the run-up to India’s elections with over 1000 pages being removed.

So, what we have is a consistent pattern of political meddling, right?

However, the picture might be a bit more complicated. Mark Zuckerberg recently won praise from conservative, Trump-Supporting American blog-site, The Hill which chronicled his refusal to bow to demands from Democrats in the House of Representatives to bring forward MORE censorship:

Zuckerberg correctly stated that plenty of third parties currently review and contest false political statements. He would leave political speech to politics. Facebook already engages in too much content regulation of sites and postings. Yet that is still not enough for many House members, who want to decide when and how individuals and groups can speak out in the political arena.

It is possible that the direct intervention of President Trump has forced Zuckerberg to reconsider his stance? Or is this just a ruse to escape even more pressure being brought to bear from the White House? Perhaps only time will tell…..

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