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ONE MAN ARMY: Tommy Robinson More Popular Than EVERY British Political Party On Facebook

ACTIVIST Tommy Robinson is officially MORE popular than the Labour Party and The Conservative Party on Facebook.

He is followed by over 1,051,058 people on Facebook compared to 1,015,079 for Labour and 635,233 for the Tories. He even beat left-wing Momentum who have just 218,687 followers.

Credit: Tommy Robinson

In a post on the most followed political Facebook page in Britain, the Activist wrote: “Imagine the millions of pounds of Union funding or donor money being pumped into these political parties and my page has more followers than all of them!”

“These elites and media need to wake up and look at the trend – The real people have had enough of all you self-serving traitors. The establishment [is] finished.”

It’s true, in 2017, the Conservatives that spent over £2.1m on Facebook and Labour spent £577,000 nationally for the 2017 election, according to Electoral Commission figures, while Labour candidates in seats spent up to £1,000 each.

Commenting on social media, Tom Baldwin, a former communications director of the Labour party under ‘Don’t Call Me Red’ Ed – told The Guardian: “They spent big on Facebook themselves while having a candidate and a campaign that people were willing to share content from across social media like never before in a UK election.”

It also shows just how popular Mr Robinson is – he has gained all his likes for virtually nothing – the political parties have spent MILLIONS to get their share of the pie, but it also shows that Robinson is likeable.

Money means nothing on social media if the public doesn’t like the brand – The Tories spent over £2m on Facebook and Theresa May failed to win a majority – because she isn’t likeable, the same with ex-Labour leader Ed Milliband.

On Theresa May’s social media campaign, Tom Baldwin said: “She was a bad candidate, running a bad campaign – but it made a difference.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mark Flowers

    November 7, 2018 at 19:48

    Your movement Tommy is gathering momentum Congratulations Tommy.

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