WE DON’T LOVE EU: Anti-British Sadiq Khan Sends Pro-EU Valentines EMAIL

REMOANING London Mayor Sadiq Khan sent a Valentines love letter to the EU – via his Mayoral email list.

The email reads: “I’m asking you to help me get this message to all European Londoners on Valentine’s Day”

“Whatever language you speak, you’ll always be a Londoner. You are respected and adored. You are our colleagues, our neighbours, our friends and our family. You have fallen in love with our city, and we love you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan


In January Mr Kahn refused to take down the EU flag outside London’s City Hall as Britain left the EU.
During a Questions session at the London Assembly the Mayor was urged by Brexiteer Peter Whittle, to take down the flag for Brexit day.

Whittle said: “I’m very pleased to hear about your efforts to reduce waste and rubbish in London.”

“Can you add to it, please, that EU flag which is still flying outside.”

“You have two weeks to do it.”

“Get it down and put it in the dustbin!”

Khan responded: “one man’s waste is another man’s very proud” symbol.

SAD*CK Kahn is at it again.

It’s no surprise the Britain hating Mayor is showing love for foreigners rather than Londoners, he’s a British embarrassment and an EU Sellout, let’s hope London breaks his soft little southern heart and denies him a second term, Britain will sure love that.

London has always been open, London has always loved it’s foreign visitors and London is and will always be a global city.

Brexit is about opening the doors to the economic advantages of the world, and opening the North aswell as the south to the Economic advantages of the world, not just for London, and not just for Europe.

BRITAIN is OPEN… not just London, Mr Khan.

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