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EXCLUSIVE: UFO ‘shot down over Wales taken to American base’, claims U.S Air Force whistleblower  

A UFO allegedly shot down by the Royal Air Force over Wales in 2016 was taken to an Airforce base in the United States, a U.S. military whistleblower has claimed, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

The “out of this world” incident occurred in 2018 in Wales and allegedly saw the RAF “open fire” on a pyramid-shaped UFO.

The alleged spacecraft, that has been described as “similar” to UFO phenomena seen in Washington and Moscow occurred in Pentyrch, Wales and even saw one eyewitness  allegedly threatened by British intelligence. 

The Eyewitness, Caz Clarke claimed that she saw something “out of this world” in the early hours of Friday 26th February 2016.

Clarke, 57 said: ‘’It was enormous, majestic, no way you could be mistaken.”

“The first red-light was high above the trees, thousands of feet up,’’ explained Mrs Clarke.

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‘’As it neared the ground it ejected a hand of lightning, not thin lightning, but thick like fingers, fire coloured fingers.”

“I wish I had pictures and videos, but phones did not work.” – a reference to military signal jamming techniques. 

According to Caz, she was “scanned” by the UFO in the sky before a red object went in one direction and a green object went in the other. At that point, a fleet of RAF helicopters arrived.

Mrs Clarke added: ‘’We believe the military aircraft shot them down.”

‘’The next morning, I saw a WalesOnline article saying this was part of a military drill. This was no drill, that was the exercise the week before.’’

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A FORMER Communications, and Navigation Systems Specialist who worked for the United States Air Force, who has asked for their name to be redacted, claimed to Politicalite that the alleged UFO from Wales was taken to an Air Force base in America.

The whistleblowers identity and USAF credentials have been verified by Politicalite.

“I was at Wright-Patterson the next morning.” the source claimed.

“I can only say so much as I was not really supposed to have seen what I witnessed at that point in time.”

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“It’s the only reason I can talk about it as I was not under the confines of an NDA specified towards anything like what I witness occur.”

The US Air Force source said: “We were in our hangar one day at the 445th, I used to smoke cigarettes so I was just outside the door to the briefing room when I see a C-5 Galaxy landing then all of the sudden security forces ran in ordering us all into the briefing room, they blacked out all of the windows and said Article 15’s for anyone that ever spoke about it.”

C5 Galaxy

“One day a year or so later, I come into work late. So I end up going to chow later than everyone else.”

“So I’m outside of the hangar in the parking lot outside of the fence staring at the flight line in my Ford Escape. I’m eating my Taco Bell Shredded Chicken Burritos when I see Security Forces rush in again as I see in the sky a C-5 Galaxy landing again!”

“Secfo orders all squadrons in the area at gunpoint into their briefing rooms. I can see this happening, they order them to black out all of their briefing room windows etc.”

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“I’m assuming they tell them the article 15 spiel as well. But this time, I’m not locked in the blacked-out briefing room I’m just outside of the hangar/Flightline slunk into my seat watching this all transpire.”

“Then I witness the C-5 back up all the way from the flight line to the doors of a hangar known to people around it as “The Spooky Hangar”.”

“The doors open up for the one and only time I have ever seen them open and on the top of the hangar entrance was the flags of nearly every nation on Earth.”

“Then out of the back of the C-5 Rolls, a Flatbed Truck with the UFO strapped to the center of it. It had a white tarp with the USAF Insignia on either side.”

“It was only on the periphery of the craft so I could easily make out what the object beneath the tarp looked like.”

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The Wales incident, that was featured in a Sky History UFO documentary series starring Craig Charles saw the Ministry of Defence accused of “covering-up” the UK’s biggest ever UFO event that has been compared to the 1947 Roswell incident.

“When I contacted the MOD, they just told me this was under Section 26 – not in the public interest,’’ Caz Clarke said.

US Navy personnel recorded footage of pyramid-shaped UFO’s in the sky flying over a US warship. The footage was confirmed by the Pentagon.

Other images series of grainy infrared images and smartphone photos captured from the cockpit of an FA-18 fighter.

Similar sightings of massive alien spacecraft have also been recorded in the capital cities of two of Planet Earth’s superpowers in the past decade alone.

The like-for-like arrivals saw a pyramid-like structure floating in mid air in both Washington DC – the American capital and Moscow, Russia.

The incident in the United States occurred in 2018 and wasn’t reported by the mainstream media with a documentary on Gaia claiming the U.S Government was “too embarrassed” to admit to the incident that occurred right above the U.S. centre of defence – the Pentagon.  

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One UFO expert Nick Pope claimed that the US and Russian encounters were a message from Aliens to tell Earthlings to stop war and aim for global peace

Highly advanced extra terrestrials see the War in Ukraine “as something that only primitive civilizations engage in.”



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