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UP IN SPACE MAN: Two sightings of ALIEN spacecraft spotted in Washington and Moscow  

TWO sightings of a massive alien spacecraft have been recorded in the capital cities of two of Planet Earth’s superpowers. 

The like-for-like arrivals saw a pyramid-like structure floating in mid air in both Washington DC – the American capital and Moscow, Russia.

The incident in the United States occurred in 2018 and wasn’t reported by the mainstream media with a documentary on Gaia claiming the U.S Government was “too embarrassed” to admit to the incident that occurred right above the U.S. centre of defence – the Pentagon.  

The US sighting was recorded on December 19th 2018 and the investigators first looked at footage by captured friends Richard and Dick who were driving around Washington DC when they noticed a hovering, slightly rotating pyramid in the skies above.


It seems to be large. It seems to be semi translucent,” commented paranormal investigator Brian Cano. “It’s hard to get a fix on. There’re no lights. There’s nothing reflecting on it.”

“At first you think reflection on the windows, but they drive around. They look at it from different angles… As it starts to rotate you see one very dark angle of it. It would be hard to do that if it were a reflection.”

Richard and Dick weren’t the only ones to notice and capture footage of the floating pyramid. Another man, Alexander, also filmed it after noticing the structure while working on his “photo project”.

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“I saw that thing above the Pentagon and I didn’t know what is this. I didn’t believe my eyes. It was darker than the skies, so it was hardly visible. I tried to shoot it with my iPhone but it didn’t see it. It was pure darkness. So I tried to catch it with my nice Nikon photo camera and that’s what I have uploaded,” he said.

A year later on December 20th 2019, US President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order launching the official U.S. space force.  

U.S. Space Force senior enlisted adviser Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman presents the Space Force Flag to President Trump in the Oval Office in 2018.

Another similar sighting occurred in 2009 in Moscow, Russia. 

The Telegraoh reported that two clips exist which appear to show the same object and footage has were repeatedly aired on Russian television news channels.

“The shots, one taken at night from a car and one during the day, were both filmed by amateurs.”

“The ‘craft’ was said to have hovered for hours over Red Square in the Russian capital.”

The identity of the shape has not been confirmed. Russian reports ruled out a UFO but police refused to comment.

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Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said it was “one of the most extraordinary UFO clips I’ve ever seen”.

“At first I thought this was a reflection but it appears to move behind a power line, ruling out this theory.”

A spokesman for aerospace journal Jane’s News said: “We have no idea what it is.”

The sightings have been described as a message from Aliens that “they are watching” and that Earth must stop wars and aim towards ”world peace“ so that aliens and mankind can co-exist in the future.

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More follows. 



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