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CRASH CLAIM: Average Car Accident Settlement

EVERY year around 3 million people are injured in car accidents. Not all of these injuries show themselves right away. Some appear weeks later and linger for years to come. 

Getting compensation to pay for your medical bills can be tricky if you don’t start the process right away. You’ve got to see a doctor and get legal help if you want to maximize your settlement. 

How much is the average car accident settlement? The amount you get depends on insurance coverage, your financial loss, and the laws in your state. 

Want to learn more about the sort of settlement you can expect? Continue reading to find out all you need to know about suing for a car accident. 

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Factors to Consider 

The average settlement for a car accident is around $19,000. You may not get this exact amount to help you recover damages and pay your medical bills. 

There are many factors that will play into how much money you’ll get. If you’re found at fault for the accident, you’re not going to get a lot. As stated above, state laws and your level of financial loss also have a big role to play. 

Insurance Coverage 

Some insurance companies have limits that will affect your car accident settlement. While the average is $19,000, you may only be able to get $17,000. 

Let’s say that you get into an accident and you don’t have insurance at all. In many states, you’ll have to pay penalties even if you’re not at fault for the crash. 

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If you walk away from a car accident without having your injuries looked at, you may not get too much for your settlement. 

Some injuries won’t show up for months after the accident, but if you hold off on making your doctor’s appointment for too long, it will be difficult to prove that the crash caused your whiplash. 

Accident injuries fall into two categories. The first is physical ailments. These are whiplash, scratches, bruises, and broken bones. 

The second category is mental anguish and suffering. Some people experience PTSD after a crash. They may never be able to get into a car again. 

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Mental anguish is a little harder to prove than physical injuries. You’ll need to have a good lawyer on your side if you want to maximize your settlement. You can go here to find out more

State Laws

Every state is different when it comes to car accident laws. That means your settlement can vary depending on the area where you live. 

For example, if you live in an at-fault state, you can file a claim even if your injuries aren’t too major. Your lawyer can walk you through the laws in your state and let you know what you can expect. 


If there’s no doubt that the accident wasn’t your fault, you’ll have no problems getting the compensation that you deserve. The other driver will be responsible for covering your medical bills and property damage. 

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Things get a little more complicated if it isn’t clear who’s at fault. You’ll have to go to court and proceed with a car accident lawsuit. 

Financial Loss

When determining your settlement, your financial losses will be taken into account. This includes your medical debt, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, and lost wages if you have to be out of work. 

Maximizing Your Car Accident Settlement 

As stated above, you’re not going to maximize your settlement if you avoid going to the doctor after your accident.

It helps to gather evidence and reach out to a lawyer. You’ll need to start the process ASAP. 

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See a Doctor

Again, even if you feel fine after your accident, you need to go to the hospital to get checked out. Certain injuries, such as whiplash, may not show themselves for weeks after the crash. 

If you put off making a doctor’s appointment, you won’t be able to prove that your aches and pains are the result of the accident.

You should also consider seeing a psychiatrist. They’ll be able to help you prove that your mental anguish came from the crash. 

Gather Evidence 

Before filing an insurance claim and starting the lawsuit process, you’ll need to gather evidence. Take out your phone after the crash and take pictures of your car. 

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Exchange contact information with any witnesses. Their statements will be a game changer when it comes time to go to court. 

Start Right Away 

All states have a time limit when it comes to making a claim. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to get a settlement. It can range anywhere between 3 to 6 years. 

Remember, the sooner you make your claim, the sooner you’ll receive your compensation.

Get Legal Help

While you can represent yourself in court, it’s not recommended. A lawyer will be able to let you know if you’re being offered an unfair settlement. They’ll fight for you to make sure you get what you deserve. 

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They can also walk you through the paperwork that comes with filing a claim and ensure you don’t miss any due dates. 

Get the Money You Deserve 

Getting in a car crash can be devastating. Depending on the severity, you could miss out on work for weeks and build medical debt. 

You’re going to need to get the best car accident settlement to pay for your pain and suffering. As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into your compensation amount. Get a lawyer and maximize your earnings. 

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