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DO IT YOURSELF: Easy and Pocket-Friendly Bathroom Update Ideas

THE BATHROOM is one of the home’s most overlooked but important rooms. It’s where people begin and end their day as they take care of their morning regimens and perform their nighttime routines in the area. It’s a space where people can spend a lot of time aside from their bedrooms. It’s also one of the talking points whenever a house goes up for sale. Most realtors say that the bathroom is the dealmaker in their negotiations, as potential buyers put a premium on how a bathroom looks and functions.

With that said, updating the bathroom can be one of the most important projects that a homeowner can undertake. While most people would think it would cost a pretty penny, some updates can be quite affordable and can be done quickly. In addition, these simple updates can do much to increase the property’s value and aesthetics. 

Here are some bathroom update ideas homeowners must consider.

Install a bath

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One of the most striking updates would be to install freestanding baths 1500mm in length in the space. It will immediately draw attention once someone steps into the area. In addition, it promises a luxurious opportunity to lounge after a long day at work to let the stress slip away. Such a feature will increase the property value and make the area stand out.

Replace the bathroom fan

If you have a noisy bathroom fan, replacing it with a noiseless model will be better. It’ll also help reduce the amount of moisture in the air and lessen the amount of water dripping onto the floor and other surfaces. 

Upgrade the showerhead and other hardware 

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Another way to improve the aesthetics in your space is to replace the hardware with new ones. If you can stick to a theme, such as copper-coloured or copper-coated hardware, it’ll bring the design together even better. Install new towel racks, faucets, showerheads and knobs, drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, and a bigger mirror. Depending on the brands you choose, these may cost a lot, but they’ll elevate the space tremendously.

Install a glass partition 

It’s also important to install a glass partition to separate the 1500mm free standing bath from the shower area. It’ll prevent splashing, and it will let two people use the area at the same time. Homeowners have the option to use different glass partitions to their liking. They can install opaque, clear or semi-transparent glass partitions. 

Repaint the cabinets

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Another easy way to improve the appeal of the space is to change the paint on the vanity cabinet. Choose a paint scheme that’ll complement the hardware installed as well as the tiles and walls to ensure that there will be cohesion in the design. 

Replace the light fixtures 

Change the fluorescent lamps and use energy-saving LED lights. Improve the visibility near the vanity mirror by hanging LED strips behind it. Homeowners also can install wall lights to ensure better illumination whenever someone wants to retouch their makeup. Better light fixtures also mean less chance of slips and accidents. 


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Updating the bathroom is necessary to increase property value. It can be as pocket-friendly or as expensive as the budget can handle.