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READING ROULETTE: Authors That Liked Playing Casino Games

WITHOUT authors, we wouldn’t have great books to read. Back in the day, authors were the celebrities that anyone liked to talk to at a party. Nowadays though they aren’t as popular as they were before, according to some.

Authors are still celebrities by modern standards and there are lots of people that look up to them for inspiration. Some of them have peculiar hobbies they like to do and one such hobby is playing casino games. So, you can find a local writer at your local casino playing poker, roulette, or whatnot. Nowadays, most casino players enjoy their favorite games online. They might like table games more as roulette can have some interesting payouts, poker is a challenge to play and so is blackjack. They go for slots or live titles as well because online casino sites have got them covered.

When it comes to authors, you can pick the greats that simply stand out. You’ll find that among them there are those that are no strangers to casino games. They enjoyed playing them and their hobbies made it to their books as a hobby of a character. So, some casinos and games have inspired certain books.

Roald Dahl

The thing about Roald is that he was many things before he became an author. He was a Greyhound racer, a fighter pilot for the RAF during WWII and he was a British spy. When you consider his high-stakes jobs it’s only natural that he became a writer and used his life experience to write his novels. He also liked visiting the casino. Back in those days, players needed to visit a land-based casino to play their favorite games. Dahl liked to visit all sorts of places and he was a frequent guest of the Ritz Casino.

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His game of choice was blackjack and he was pretty good at it. Another interesting caveat about him is that he didn’t shy away from cheating at some blackjack games. He was pretty good at that too, because he hadn’t been caught. The risky lifestyle prompted him to take more risks at the blackjack table which sometimes paid off but sometimes didn’t. Still, he remains a spectacular author that has written a great many books and stories that inspire others to read more or start writing themselves.

Ian Fleming

You’ve heard of James Bond, one way or another, and you might know him from films. This fictional agent is the creation of author Ian Fleming. In other words, James Bond is a book character that has been adapted to the film screen. Fleming also led a high-stakes life and he and Dahl were friends. Ian was in the British Army and was another British spy at the beck and call of Winston Churchill. He was lucky to have made it out of that life and this kind of life has inspired so many novels and has created a character called James Bond.

James Bond works for MI6 and he’s Stoically taking on every mission to the end. When he’s trying to get some information, he goes to the nearest casino where he’s more than lucky. This is where a part of Fleming’s persona is seen in Bond, as 007 likes playing baccarat. In the most recent version of Bond, played by Daniel Craig, he’s a dab hand at poker. There are lots of films with this agent, but all agent versions like to visit the casino, as Fleming did.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Fyodor has endowed the world of literature with many great books. He’s also had a turbulent life and that has inspired him to write all those great books. Like the other 2 authors on this list, he liked visiting the casino. Roulette was his game of choice and he was a frequent guest at the German casinos at the time. 

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One of his early novels is called The Gambler and features a roulette player that wins big and goes to Paris to spend his fortune. The novel almost didn’t get published because Dostoyevsky almost didn’t finish it on time. Despite this hobby, he remains on every list of iconic writers with at least one of his great works. In short, he was a character and made his mark on literature.