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SPIN TO WIN: Understanding outside bets in roulette

A GAME that’s been spun through the many decades since its birth, Roulette has well and truly stood the test of time to become known as a casino classic.

Whether you play casino Roulette online or in person down at your local casino venue, you’re guaranteed to find a Roulette table or two!

As they say, “there’s no time like the present”, we thought it would be a great time to refresh our outside bet knowledge so when we next take a seat at a Roulette table, whether that be virtually or in person, we all understand the basics of placing an outside bet.

Will you join us?

Outside Bet Locations

Outside bets are placed outside the area of the numbered boxes on the Roulette table layout. Although some may consider an outside bet to be the more basic bet type to place in a game of Roulette, players have better chances of winning with outside bets, but the payouts are smaller than other bets you could place on the table.

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Outside Bets

Red or Black

If you’re looking to place a wager on the colour of the numbered pocketed wheel compartment, rather than the number itself, you can place a bet of either red or black.

On the table layout, you’ll find boxes colour blocked with either red or black, or the box may in fact be a diamond shape – this may vary from table design to table design. In some cases, the box may even contain the words red or black, rather than the block of colour.

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To place a red or black bet, you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) within the box that corresponds with the colour you wish to wager on. If, for example, you place a wager on red, your wager would cover all red compartments of the wheel. Should the ball land within any of the red compartments, you’ll win. If, however, it lands on the zero or within a black pocket, you’ll lose.

This bet type is known as an even money bet, with a payout odd of 1:1.

Odd or Even

If you’d rather place a wager on whether the winning number will be odd or even, you can place an odd or even bet.

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When looking at the table layout, there are boxes on either side of the red and black boxes, stating either odd or even.

Within a game of Roulette, there are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers. Zero(s) are also seen as neutral numbers, rather than even.

To place an odd or even bet, you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) within the box that corresponds with the number category you wish to wager on. Placing a wager on odd, for example, would cover all odd numbers on the wheel and table. Should the ball then land within a pocketed compartment on the wheel that contains an odd number, you’ll win. If, however, the ball lands within a pocketed compartment containing an even number or zero(s), you’ll lose.

These are just two of the many outside bets you can place when playing a game or two of Roulette – which will you be placing next?

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