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THE GYPSY KING: Britain’s HERO Tyson Fury BEATS Wilder In HISTORIC Vegas Showdown

TYSON Fury won an incredible fight against his American opponent Deontay Wilder in one of his most exceptional performances.

Fury landed killer right hooks round after round punishing Wilder, never letting go running rings round Deontay.

In the first round the Gypsy King landed multiple killer right hooks as Wilder was unable to land his jab, meaning he failed to hit back hard in the first round with the American tigers bottom lip swelling up.

Fury lived up to his hype and attempted to finish the job in the fifth round but he put Deontay through more gruesome hell in the ring.

Wilder had no defence and he was loosing control. He tried to stay in the game to no avail as he was hit with a massive killer right hook by Tyson Fury.

Wilder threw in the towel in round seven cementing Britian’s Mancunian-born Fury the WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD TITLE.


The two heavyweights took to the ring on Saturday night in front of millions of spectators across the globe, with pundits describing the rematch as one of the biggest in boxing and perhaps the biggest heavyweight match up of this generation.

The pair met for a second time after their first fight in Los Angeles was ruled to be a draw by the judges.

Although the Gypsy King won most of the rounds, the Bronze Bomber knocked Fury down twice.

Both fighters were unable to explain how the Brit got back up from the canvas in the 12th.

Fury claimed that he should have been declared the winner on points while Wilder complained that the referee started the count late when the Mancunian was on the floor after being knocked down.

Both fighters left undefeated while Wilder retained the heavyweight world champion title.

Criticism of judge Alejandro Rochin’s scoring had been widespread, with many spectators and pundits questioning how he could award rounds 2, 3 and 4 to Wilder.

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