“But I think in the last three or four years, there has been no one there to monitor what’s happened at the club. There has been no one there who has been able to stop the bad management, the overspending that’s happened.

“In the end, it was just impossible for anyone to touch the club not knowing what the liabilities were, not knowing what they were signing up to.

“It was an inevitability that I felt was coming for months and months that no one could stop. Ultimately, when an apple is that rotten and you don’t know what’s inside it, no one is going to take on that liability.”

He continued to say that the only solution was for the fans to “do it for themselves”:

“They need to set up their own club and own their own club. There’s this idea someone else will set it up but my honest advice would be to go for it and do it yourselves.

“Just get someone in who knows what they are doing, knows the leagues and basically go for it. The fans are there, they will passionately support the football club.”