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Politicalite UK is one of the hottest right-wing tabloid news outlets read by over thousands of people a month.

We support the forgotten and those that are refused a voice… but we’re under attack by thw establishment who are attempting to censor real news that supports YOU!

We put the working class people and their views first, and always try to report the news with the working persons stance.

Since launching in April 2017, we have seen our readership grow on record scale thanks to the power of social media and our content has been seen by over TEN MILLION people and counting.

Our censorship followed political pressure by former PM Theresa May’s regime –  who was worried about ‘Right-Wing Websites’ according to Politico.

BuzzFeed described us as “one of several new hyperpartisan websites which continue to get huge audiences on Facebook.”

According to social media monitoring tool BuzzSumo, Politicalite had one of the most shared UK political stories on Facebook in 2018.

We cover British, European and American Politics in a provocative and easy to understand tabloid style and back free speech, the forgotten working classes.


We are a proudly right-wing website that supports The Conservative Party under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We also back the silent majority of forgotten working-class men and women from across the UK. We back Britain’s vote for Brexit and America’s vote for President Trump.

We aim to make sense of the Populist revolution which saw the forgotten men and women take back control and send shockwaves across the establishment and mainstream media.

We describe our political views as “populist” give fair coverage to all politicians from all parties, the truth comes first no matter our political affiliation.

In April 2019, our Facebook page was banned after pressure from leftie MPs.


We back the forgotten people of Britain that the leftie media refuse to acknowledge.

We support the working-class people of Britain and keep our website free of charge, we have lost income due to left-wing attacks on our revenue streams – Google has defunded us permanently and a far-left hate group ‘Stop Funding Fake News’ try to stop brands from advertising with us.

We need help from our dedicated readers to keep Politicalite online.

Without you, Politicalite would cease to exist. So support us with a one-off or small monthly donation of your choice.

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