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BACKING THE GASSMAN: Top Labour MPs Attend Pro-Assad Rally in Parliament Square

LABOUR MPs attended a rally for brutal Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad in Parliament Square tonight. 

Up to five Labour MPs attended the rally including Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon MP, Chris Williamson MP, Emma Dent Coad MP and Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP.

Chris Williamson told the lefty crowd waving pro-Corbyn placards communist flags and Pro-Assad paraphernalia said that there was no evidence for the Douma chemical attack and that Assad had no motive to carry it out.

Many have questioned Assad’s reasoning for attacking Douma and some have blamed rebel groups and even I.S. but those groups do not have the capability to launch such an attack.

According to intelligence, the Assad regime helicopters were reported to be dropping barrel bombs in Douma.

Soon after, reports on social media were suggesting mass chemical attacks on men, women and children in the Syrian city of Douma.

Authentic images and video were then posted on social media showing dead bodies with foam at their mouths, including children.

Intelligence suggests that there was also a strong smell of chlorine, suggesting chlorine gas attacks by the Syrian regime.

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