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THE BASTARD AL-ASSAD: Why Politicalite Backs Western Airstrikes in Syria, and The Intelligence That Shows Bashar Al-Assad poisoned his own people with BANNED Chemical Weapons

By Jordan James | Editor, Politicalite.com

MANY readers have been questioning our support for allied airstrikes on Chemical Weapons facilities in Syria that killed no civilians or young children on Saturday.

Many of you say the site is “out of touch” and we have had many emails and messages saying we have joined the “Neocons” and have “Sold Out” to the Mainstream Media, let me assure you, we have not, we don’t want to lose readers, but we won’t change our editorial decisions just because you don’t like the facts, facts don’t care about your feelings.

We try to be honest in every report we publish, we have nothing to gain from “Lying” about Syria, out of all the media outlets, who tells the truth to you about Tommy Robinson, Radical Islam and Immigration? Do we ever LIE about that?

This website supports the Populist revolutions of President Trump and the Brexit vote and we trust Mr Trump’s judgement, a lot more than Mrs Mays or Mr Macrons.

We are not going to abandon Mr Trump and back a Tyrant who has killed thousands of his own people, gassed children, sent Suicide bombers to Iraq to kill British and American troops and has a family history of brutality.

So let me explain why this little website supports the actions taken by President Trump, aided by Prime Minister May and French President Macron.

According to American, British and French Intelligence, Bashar Al-Assad’s Syrian dictatorship used Helicopters to drop barrel bombs on innocent civilians in Douma, Syria – those innocent civilians included children.

Why Douma? Well, Douma is the last rebel-held town in the Eastern Ghouta region, intelligence suggests that after negotiations between the rebels and Assad’s government stalled, his regime dropped barrel bombs containing toxic chemical weapons.

According to Trump’s White House, “Multiple government helicopters were seen over Douma on Saturday, April 7, with eyewitnesses specifically reporting a Syrian Government Mi-8 helicopter.

British intelligence suggests that the opposition does not have the capacity to use such helicopters or use barrel bombs they added “Reliable intelligence indicates that Syrian military officials co-ordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine in Douma on 7th April.”

Pro-Syrian government forces advancing toward Douma on Saturday | CREDIT: AFP

The Helicopters were known to have taken off from the Syrian regime’s nearby Dumayr airfield and then circled over Douma during the attack.

Numerous eyewitnesses back up that barrel bombs were dropped from these helicopters, a tactic used to target civilians throughout the civil war in Syria.

Photos of barrel bombs dropped in Douma closely match those used previously by the regime. These barrel bombs were likely used in the chemical attack according to the White House.

The UK Prime minister has also said there was other intelligence-based evidence which she was unable to share with the public, saying: “I cannot tell you everything.”

Many say the Syrian regime and Bashar Al-Assad where NOT responsible, even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been questioning the attack – you know, that lovely old man that keeps great company with friends in the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Many readers have said its opposition groups and some have even accused ISIS, but ISIS is not operational in Douma and rebel opposition forces do not have the capacity to operate the Helicopters that were used in the attack.

France has also said it has similar proof that “chemical weapons were used in the attack – at least chlorine – and that they were used by Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Many of you say Assad is innocent, but I do not believe for one second he is, this guy has form.

When the Arab Spring started in 2011, Bashar Al-Assad brutally cracked down on the Syrian people to stay in power.

His Security forces shot dead protesters and in nine months in 2011, up to 5,000 anti-Government protesters had been killed.

During the Iraq War, Bashar Al-Assad sent suicide bombers to kill British and American Troops in Iraq.

Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad along with Iranian president Ayatollah Ruhollah al-Khomeini who gave a fatwa, permitted suicide bombings in combat in the early 1980s.

Many also believe it was Syria that was behind the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, but the West, including Britain, publicly blamed Libya.

These airstrikes are not about regime change, this is not Iraq 2.0, Assad is slightly ‘better’ alternative than a state ruled by I.S., but this is about keeping the little bastard in check and enforcing red lines and international rules that chemical weapons cannot be used in warfare.

If we lose readers due to that stance, the stance of refusing to stand by quietly whilst children are gassed by grown men, then so be it.

Politicalite.com will never change editorial decisions and stances just because they are unpopular, that isn’t real journalism, real journalism is about publishing what others do not want to be published, everything else is Public relations.

George Orwell on Journalism


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