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CTRL-ALT-REBOOT: The AI revolution is rebooting the Nineties in the West – Opinion

THE WEST is going back to the Nineties with advancements in Artificial Intelligence, nostalgic popular culture and an optimistic technology-focused plan for the future, according to AI. 

The AI revolution is upon us, Microsoft and Google are battling for dominance over AI, and just like the nineties, tech is making an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives.

From the way we work to the way we communicate – the last time we experienced such a technological revolution was during the late nineties when the internet, personal computers and mobiles/cell phones changed how everyday people communicated and shared information. AI also believes 2023 is starting to feel like one of the greatest eras in history.

It’s not just technology. Culture is already rebounding back to ideas either created or developed in the nineties – from The Spice Girls set to perform at King Charles’ Coronation later this year, to the S Club 7 reunion, the Big Brother reboot in the UK.

Across the pond in the states hit-90s television shows like The Conners (Roseanne) and That 90s Show (That 70s Show) have been rebooted and The Fresh Prince and Friends have become iconic shows with recent reunions gaining popularity. There is no doubt about it. 1990s culture is back, and it looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. 


When we asked AI chatbot, it agreed. “It may also feel like the 90s because of the nostalgia associated with that era.”

“Many people look back fondly on the 90s as a time of innocence and optimism, before the internet, smartphones, and other technology made our lives so connected and busy.”

“The 90s were also a time of great music, movies, and fashion trends that many people still appreciate today. Additionally, the 90s were a time of cultural shifts and social changes that remain relevant today.”

As with any new technology, the potential benefits of AI can be great, particularly for the working class. Here are just a few of the ways in which AI can improve the lives of working class people:

  1. Enhanced Job Opportunities: AI can open up new job opportunities for the working class, particularly for those who may not have the qualifications or skills for more traditional roles. By automating certain tasks, AI can free up more time for workers to focus on higher-value tasks, allowing them to work smarter and earn more money.
  2. Increased Efficiency: AI can help to increase efficiency in the workplace by automating mundane tasks, allowing workers to spend more time on tasks that require greater skill and attention. This can result in improved productivity, better customer service, and greater job satisfaction.
  3. Reduced Inequality: AI can help to reduce inequality by creating new job opportunities and enabling those with fewer qualifications to access the same opportunities as those with more qualifications. This can help to level the playing field and allow more people to benefit from the advances that technology has brought.

Ultimately, the AI revolution is here to stay, and it can bring great benefits to the working class if implemented properly. By creating new job opportunities, increasing efficiency, and reducing inequality, AI can help to improve the lives of many people.

The use of AI and robots can make life easier and fairer for the working classes in some ways. For example, it can reduce the need for manual labor, allowing workers to focus on higher-value tasks, and can also help to reduce costs by increasing efficiency. 

However, there are also potential downsides to the use of AI and robots, such as the potential for job displacement and decreased wages due to the increased automation, but Governments are spreading the wealth with stimulus and more money for the poorest in society. 



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