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HAWKER.SOCIAL: Revolutionary social network for free speech and community  

A NEW revolutionary social networking website launched today, and it claims to back free speech and freedom of expression after years of censorship by Big Tech in Silicon Valley. 

Hawker.Social has been in development for over two years, and Politicalite has had the exclusive privilege of witnessing the social network developed from the ground up by talented, freedom-loving engineers who left Silicon Valley.  This innovative social network has the functionality of Reddit, Twitter, Medium, and Patreon.

Hawker developers told Politicalite that: “Hawker is an innovative social media platform that offers free speech and freedom of expression to everyone, regardless of their beliefs.” 

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Hawker.Social was created by a group of liberty-minded individuals who value the freedom to express themselves and engage with others globally. 

The platform offers a wide range of features available to all users, including the ability to create blog following, start a close-knit community, and even a subscription-based publication to rival MSM!

Hawker.Social does not censor its users to conform to any political views and will not ban, suspend, or limit account usability for simply expressing an opinion that differs from the mainstream. This brand new platform is entirely free from government interference or any third-party influence. 

Users can share their knowledge, build a community and develop discussions on their area of interest. With Hawker.Social, the users have control over the content they see in their feed: they can customize the feed based on the topic of their interest.

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In addition to the above features, Hawker.Social is currently working on a subscription feature, where community members can choose to have a free community subscription or a paid community subscription. With the free community, members can access the whole community for free. On the other hand, users have to subscribe to the paid community or pay per post they choose to view to access posts from the paid community.

Visit Hawker.Social and join the new revolution in social networking.

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