Theresa May had the chance to prove she is strong and stable… she’s BLOWN IT

DURING the 2017 General Election, Politicalite supported Theresa May as the better of two evils, it was either her or the Socialist Comrade, Jeremy Corbyn but it has become impossible to defend or even write anything positive about the copper lady’s shambolic government.

Mrs May promised to be strong and stable and quite frankly, she’s been anything but. Her government is collapsing around her and the whole country knows it. I’m tired of Britain being lead by a leader that doesn’t live up to the greatness of our country.

To be a leader, you have to able lead, you to be tough and you have to have conviction, but the Maybot has none of the above – she simply has slogans and pivots from one political position to the next. The only time Theresa May has proven to be strong and stable is when she has to save her own skin.

Just think about this, could you imagine Thatcher pivoting on her key economic reforms? Making a U-Turn when tackling the Unions or giving into Argentina?… No, of course, you couldn’t. The late great Maggie had conviction, she stuck to her guns and rode out the rocky road. Even when she caused mass rioting across the Capital with the Poll Tax, Mrs Thatcher refused to change course. That is the definition of being “Strong and Stable”.

Not only is Theresa May destroying her Government but she is also destroying The Conservative Party’s image. The Tories can handle being hated, but they can’t handle being laughed at, and that is what May is doing, she has turned the tories into a laughing stock.

Theresa May has had her time, she’s had her chances, she’s made U-Turn after U-Turn and has proven she is anything but strong and stable. The time has come for her to make a U-Turn out of the black door of Number 10 and give someone in the Tory party who has the capacity to handle stormy waters, set sail and lead Britain to greatness.

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Theresa May had the chance to prove she is strong and stable… she’s BLOWN IT
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