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Tommy Robinson

DENYING DEMOCRACY: UKIP NEC Blocks Motion To Allow Tommy Robinson To Join Party ‘Until After Brexit’

UKIP’s Ruling National Executive Committee has wimped out and has refused to allow its own members to decide if activist Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join the party… ‘until after Brexit.’ – even though the motion was put forward by party leader Gerard Batten. 

Batten backs the plan to allow Mr Robinson in and has praised his ‘bravery’ and said he could help the party appeal to working-class voters.

The NEC and UKIP Establishment is reportedly ‘afraid’ of Tommy’s movement and fears that they won’t be able to control him.

UKIP’s chairman Kirstan Herriot said: “Today, the UKIP NEC were presented with a motion proposed by our Leader, Gerard Batten to consider a ballot to members to allow the membership of Tommy Robinson.”

“The NEC voted to defer the motion in light of the recent Brexit negotiations.”

They say the focus should be on Brexit…. but the focus should be on the serious social issues Tommy speaks up about.

Herriot added: “As the focus of the Party must be on Brexit and as Brexit has this week reached a crucial juncture, any question of Tommy Robinson’s membership should he apply should be deferred to the first NEC meeting after 29th March 2019.'”

“This motion was accepted by a majority vote and will be added to the agenda as described in the motion.”

It’s not the first time the NEC has blocked motions to allow in Mr Robinson.

In September, the NEC claimed that the motion had fallen foul of the party’s rule book because the motion was submitted by an individual, rather than a constituency association or similar.

UKIP’s NEC wouldn’t even allow it to be discussed at the party conference.

Batten said of Tommy: “My personal opinion – and I’ve had various meetings with Tommy Robinson and [Ukip peer] Lord Pearson is a supporter of Tommy Robinson… – and I think he is a very special case.”

“He has explained that when he joined the BNP, he didn’t really know what they were about, he was quite young, he wasn’t particularly politically sophisticated.”

“Once he found out what they were about – when they refused entry to a friend of his because he was black – then he left the party.”

“The EDL didn’t start out as an extreme right-wing party. But Tommy Robinson will tell you himself that it was infiltrated, and that’s why he left.”

It seems the UKIP NEC doesn’t want its own members to have a say and doesn’t respect their opinions.

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