ENDORSING HATE: Mainstream Media SLAM Tommy After Muslim Milkshake Attack

NORTH West MEP candidate Tommy Robinson was attacked by a Muslim man in Warrington yesterday, and MSM hacks are praising the violent assailant.

Danyal Mahmud, 23, threw a McDonald’s Milkshake on self-described liberal Activist Tommy, who is running to be the regions MEP in the European Elections taking place later this month.

Tommy responded as many would by PUNCHING the thug, before quickly being dragged away by his entourage.

One Tommy fan, Adam Hurley wrote on Twitter: “Imagine if this was to any other MEP candidate.”

Rhys Aldous added: “How many MPs have been assaulted with eggs and whatever else and arrests have been made. Even if you did it to a random member of the public its arrests.”

“Why has this guy not been arrested, he just assaulted an MEP candidate it doesn’t matter of his views it’s a two-way street.”

The London-centric political class, however, Instead of condemning political violence, they are PRAISING the Muslim thug, causing anger among Tommy’s millions of UK supporters.

Mainstream Media hacks immediately backed the Muslim thugs attack on Tommy with self-admitted anti-Tommy Telegraph journo Alex Finnis tweeting “Milkshaking Tommy Robinson with one hand in your pocket and a smile on your face? Truly elite behaviour. We need a new Mount Rushmore with this man and the bloke who twatted Richard Spencer”

Fellow Posh Boy and Telegraph hack Luke Edwards added: “Milkshakes are great aren’t they.”

These are the same journalists that condemn political violence unless of course, it’s against their opponents.

Finnis was slammed last year when Tommy was jailed when Politicalite revealed the Mainstream hack had BOASTED about producing #FreeTommy Fake News.

Alex Finnis, who is the former editor of ShortList men’s magazine, wrote a hit piece on Tommy Robinson’s supporters in The i Paper, where he only included anti #FreeTommy tweets regarding the BBC’s decision to give working-class Free Tommy supporters a platform.

When Politicalite questioned his false reporting, Finnis accused the Gay, Mixed-Race editor of Politicalite of publishing ‘far-right propaganda’.

July 2018 – READ MORE

Finnis doubled down and admitted his bias by tweeting: “I’m not going to publish pro-Tommy opinions in the mainstream media because he’s a racist who shouldn’t belong in the mainstream conversation.

Alex, who described himself as ‘freelance journalist and editor’ on his Twitter profile has written for The Independent, ShortList, JOE.co.uk, and BuzzFeed.

He was a trainee reporter for MailOnline, was an intern at The Times and The Telegraph according to a CV seen by Politicalite.

More follows.


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