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Tommy Robinson

AGAINST THE PEOPLE: Over 50 MP’s Sign A Letter To BLOCK Tommy From Entering U.S.

MORE Than 50 MP’s from across the political spectrum have signed a letter to US Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo urging him to block the visit of Tommy Robinson. 

In the letter, they voiced “grave concern” at reports that the US authorities might grant Mr Robinson a waiver on his current ban on entering the country. They alleged that he would use any visit to “promote his violent and extremist agenda”.

Continuing their campaign of smears and lies, they claim Tommy may organise demonstrations which would lead to “outbreaks of violence” and he represents a “threat to the American public”.

Tommy is currently barred from the US after attempting to enter the country using a friend’s passport in 2012, having been blocked from travelling under standard arrangements.

The MP’s letter reads: “We hope you agree that it would send a terrible signal if a convicted felon deemed inadmissible to the United States, such as Yaxley-Lennon, were allowed to travel to your country and speak before a prominent audience despite his conviction for previously entering the United States illegally.

“Clearly the gravity of his criminal serious record, his brazen violation of US immigration law and the threat he poses to the American public will ensure that he isn’t granted admission to the US.”

The bulk of the 55 signatories are Labour MPs including frontbenchers Valerie Vaz and Gloria de Piero. But they were joined by MPs from other parties, including Conservative Michael Fabricant, Liberal Democrat frontbenchers Tom Brake and Wera Hobhouse, and the SNP’s Martyn Day.

The news came as Big Tech in Silicon Valley came together to attack Tommy after his PayPal account was closed down.

Mr Robinson, 35 said on Thursday, in response to the closure of his Paypal account that he must be “doing something right” to attract so many attacks and once again the same point can only be repeated.

“This is their attempt to remove me” said Tommy and claimed that PayPal had not given him a “legitimate” reason revealing that he only found out that the online payment system had “frozen” his account via BBC News.

He said he had seen it coming for ‘months’ with reports in the fake news media that falsely claimed he was set to earn £1m from speeches in America, that claim was allegedly from George Soros’ funded Hope Not Hate.








  1. Colin

    November 9, 2018 at 15:04

    Most of them be muslim MP it would suggest

    • skipper

      November 9, 2018 at 15:41

      ..for sure!
      Muslims have infiltrated our democratic systems everywhere, to use it against our democracy in order to destroy it and implement sharia!
      They don’t even hide this fact!

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