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Tommy Robinson

FAKE NEWS: Gerard Batten Slams Sun Over Tommy Robinson Leadership Claims

PLANS to make right-wing activist Tommy Robinson UKIP leader have been described as ‘fake news’ by current party leader Gerard Batten.

The UKIP leader took to Twitter to rebuff the ‘scoop’ in The Sun “Fake news! The story is a lie from start to finish.” said Batten.

He branded UKIP sources in the story as “people attempting to position themselves for the leadership contest when my term ends.”

Batten added: “No one should be UKIP leader without years of loyalty & work behind them.”

The Sun claimed that Robinson, 36 was ‘secretly’ being lined up to become Ukip leader.

They said “Multiple sources inside the party have separately told this newspaper of behind-the-scenes plans to install the English Defence League (EDL) founder as leader when current boss Gerard Batten quits.”

One source said: “This is Gerard’s ultimate plan.” Another said: “Gerard only listens to Tommy Robinson. They’re best buddies.”

A prominent figure added: “It would explain why Gerard is so keen to get Tommy Robinson in as a member before next leadership contest, due in April.”

Another source told The Sun he had seen evidence Robinson was also being lined up to run to become Ukip’s first ever MP if there’s a House of Commons by-election before the next General Election.

A source said: “With his social media following he’d have a good chance of becoming leader if he was able to stand.

“There’s a realisation that Tommy wouldn’t just be joining to become spokesman for town planning given his profile and his way of doing things. He’s being groomed by Gerard to be a future leader.”


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim R

    January 3, 2019 at 21:49

    Dirty tricks by certain Ukip members to try to discredit Gerard Batten,if in fact the story hasn’t been totally fabricated by the Sun.
    However it is totally ludicrous either way, Gerard Batten has no power to admit anyone to the Party who is at present proscribed. The senior sources are either lying or are totally ignorant of the Ukip Constitution.
    Bring on the leadership election,I’ll be voting Batten.

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