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Tommy Robinson

#IAMSOLDIERX Campaign Gathers Momentum As Plans For London Demo Announced

A CAMPAIGN to support British soldiers who are under investigation for having a photo taken with Tommy Robinson has gathered pace and a petition has over 125,000 signatures. 

As we reported here on Politicalite, one of the soldiers who had a selfie taken with Tommy Robinson is to be discharged from duty. Tommy’s response was immediate. He said on his Facebook page: “I’m embarrassed for the army, jumping to the tune of radical extremists by sacrificing a young British patriot who signed up to protect & serve us all.” Since then the story has developed and Rebel Media is now reporting that ALL the soldiers photographed with Tommy are facing disciplinary action.

The petition supporting the under threat Army lads has reached 125,000+ signatures. Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins will deliver the petition, which demands an end to the “political witchhunt” against the soldiers photographed with Tommy to the Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen. Sir Nick Carter. Support for the petition has been flooding in from soldiers across the country:

Leading Veterans Campaigner RB Inman announced that there will be a demonstration in London on October 20th by Veterans. He said that the young man being disciplined is being treated “disgustingly” by the Army. However, #IAMSOLIDERX is about him but it is also about the more general mistreatment of serving soldiers and veterans. It could be “countless other soldiers who have been betrayed by the political elite who are meant to be looking after them and protect them when they get out the military.” The march will be “dedicated to every single Soldier X there is.”

“It is absolutely unbelievable what is happening in this country. It seems to get more and more crazy every single day.” Indeed it does but the fightback has clearly begun…..

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