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Tommy Robinson

FIRST FOR FAKING NEWS: Sky’s Jason Farrell faces BACKLASH as he continues Tommy Robinson smear campaign

FAKE News hack Jason Farrell faced a huge backlash on social media after he continued his smear campaign against Tommy Robinson and the real-right in Britain.

Jason doubled down – with no apology – for his blatant anti-Tommy and anti-British agenda.

The edited interview he conducted with Tommy was proven to be a fake after Tommy Robinson released an un-edited 1 hour and 15 min recording of the interview.

FAKE NEWS: Jason Farrell

In it, Jason was seen laughing with Tommy, joking about Theresa May’s dancing and asking him what he thought about Putin – in the edited version Farell attacked Tommy and acted like the “big man” only to be shown for what he really is… a fake news reporter who no-one believes.

Following Tommy exposing him as a fake news hack, Farell penned an opinion piece on the Sky News website.

He attacked Fox News – the only real news outlet in the states and star host Tucker Carlson who receives millions of viewers per-night.

Fox News

He slammed Carlson for speaking the truth when Tucker said that the British justice system had fallen to rack and ruin.

Tucker said: “The United Kingdom has become a mere shadow of the nation that gave us freedom of speech and freedom of the press and a host of other things we take for granted, but should probably not take for granted. Nobody knows this better than Tommy Robinson.”

Jason Farell then mocked Tommy’s struggle in prison in which he was mentally tortured by saying “Carlson then treated the next seven minutes as a therapy session for poor Tommy.”

Even after the courts have proven Tommy’s original arrest and sentencing to be a sham, he claimed that “America was being told” that Tommy had been jailed for expressing an opinion that the establishment didn’t like. – even though that’s exactly what happened.

He was even shocked that Tommy wouldn’t talk to him when he came out of prison.

Farrell had IGNORED Tommy’s plight for the duration of his stint in Prison and then claimed: “It’s not as if the media was ignoring Tommy Robinson. The press pack outside the Old Bailey this week would suggest a high level of interest.”

HERO: Tommy Robinson

Instead of being a true investigative journalist – as a Sky’s home editor should be, he only wanted to talk to Tommy when he had been turned into a super-star but the alternative media who reported the truth and the facts about Tommy and his botched jailing.

The vile Establishment c*cksucker even said: “Perhaps it’s hard to stomach but the global campaign to release him from jail following his conviction attracted over 600,000 signatures.”

This is a man who hates Tommy Robinson, and his supporters – in turn, he hates Britain.

On Twitter, he has also faced a major backlash.

Shaun Dyer said: “He [Tommy] said if he spoke to you that you would just lie and you did exactly that, journalism at its worst and why people like you are no longer trusted to find the truth, such a shame.”

Stu Haughton wrote: “I can’t believe you had the nerve to produce this article after being exposed at the edited interview.”

Another wrote: “How very interesting, may I say, that you feel the need to address the “Tommy issue” yet again (because your interview perhaps didn’t have the desired effect?) & now you also have a pop at Fox News & Tucker Carlson who patronisingly “don’t understand” the way of the world in UK.”

Another added: “This hasn’t really gone as planned has it Jason? crikey, if someone screwed up like that working for me it’d be P45 straight away for bringing the company into contempt. I don’t know what you think journalism is, but this isn’t it. Straight up liars you are. #fakeasplastictits”

Stuart mocked him and said: “When you studied at university. Did you always plan to be paid off as a fake news journalists? Submissive to your paymasters peddling fake poorly edited news to discredit someone. How much did it take to turn you into a liar?”

Mark Fisher said: “I’m lost for words with the shambolic interview with Tommy Robinson! No doubt YOU and sky news can put the words I’m lost for into MY mouth! An utter disgrace and you should be ashamed!!”

Many even claimed to have cancelled their Sky subscriptions over the biased interview.

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