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HEIRS TOMMY! Britain’s MOST CENSORED activist is BACK on Twitter after FIVE year ban 

THE AWARD for Britain’s most controversial man at the moment would probably go to ginger whinger Prince Harry… but amid the royal sensation, the original anti-Establishment rebel is back on social media.

In the new era of free-speech brought on by free thinking radical Elon Musk and his takeover of Twitter last year – dozens of controversial figures who were banned and silenced under the woke leftie regime are being re-platformed.

Most recently – the controversial political geezer Tommy Robinson – who literally took over British politics on social media between 2018 and 2019 has been reinstated on Twitter – and has already amassed a whopping 50,000 followers and Tommy confirmed to Politicalite that the account is genuine.

He celebrated his return to mainstream social media with a McDonalds (minus the milkshake) and posted a video to microblogging website.


Back in 2018, Tommy Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon became one of the UK’s most popular political figures on social media.

He and an army of working-class rebels took over political Facebook and took on the establishment in the UK, making sure his story was heard after he was wrongly arrested and jailed for reporting on a grooming gangs case outside a Leeds court.

Credit: Tommy Robinson – Instagram

His arrest led to some of Britain’s biggest ever working-class protests and kickstarted an alternative media revolution – but it ended with to the banning of Tommy from Facebook and Twitter and anyone who dared mention him.

At one point he had more engagement on Facebook and more views than then Prime Minister Theresa May and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Tommy had fought for years to highlight the plight of sexually abused girls and boys who where groomed and abused by majority Asian gangs in working class towns across the the UK.

Following his release he teamed up with UKIP – and was appointed the parties official spokesperson on Grooming Gangs .

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He later ran for elected office to become an MEP in the North West of England.

His MEP campaign tour saw thousands turn out to hear what he had to say at his rallies – an achievement that the likes of Labour could only ever dream about.

More follows.


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