Tommy Robinson

Hundreds of Aussies Hold Rally outside British Consulate after Tommy Robinson arrest

HUNDREDS of Australians gathered outside the British consulate in Melbourne yesterday to protest the arrest of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy, 35 was nicked on Friday after he reported live outside the trial of Muslim child groomers.

At the time of his arrest, he was being watched by more than 10,000 people on his Facebook page. Two hours later his video had been seen by 2.5m.

According to sources Robinson – who was on a suspended sentence – was jailed for 13 Months and is being held in HMP Hull, Yorkshire.

The Judge in the case watched Robinson get arrested from a top window and laughed. The same Judge Marsen then jailed him for 13 months even though he only had three months left on his suspended sentence.

Following protests in Downing Street on Saturday were thousands tried to storm the iron gates, Australians came to his aid and gathered outside the British consulate in Melbourne.

Australian website ‘The Unshackled’ attended the rally. The website said that the event was organised by the ‘Australian Liberty Alliance.’

The main speaker who gave a rousing speech was Avi Yemini. Avi is like the Australian ‘Raheem Kassam.’

Avi says on his Twitter Profile @OzrealiAvi that “Leftists hate me. Islamists want to kill me. Politicians try to ignore me.”

For a Monday afternoon, the attendance was very impressive. Video footage shows the area outside the Consulate was covered, with people spilling out onto the tram stop across the road.

The Unshackled added: “Avi spoke with fire, he got the crowd chanting Tommy’s name. There were many signs on display stating “Free Tommy,” or “We are Tommy.” It was great to see.”

They also spoke to a few of the crowd members and the general consensus was clear.

People are worried about the UK and they are worried about what will happen in Australia if we keep going down the same road.

The UK has 12 Muslim Peers in the House of Lords and roughly 1700 mosques built. That’s a lot of mosques.

Australia has about 340 with ongoing campaigns to build more and more. Australian MP Ed Husic was sworn in by the Quran.

People are worried that if Australians keep catering to Muslim immigrants they will keep asking for more just like in the UK and Germany where they have their own schools and police forces.

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