Tommy Robinson

UTTER SCUM: LeedsLive DEFENDS decision to publish Tommy Robinson’s address

LeedsLive has defended its decision to publish details of Tommy Robinson’s address in a biased report on the activist and journalists jail sentence.

The details have potentially put his wife and children in grave danger.

Publisher Matt Millington said: “At 1pm today LeedsLive published details of the sentencing of [Tommy Robinson] which took place on Friday, May 25 at Leeds Crown Court.”

He added: “Under British media law, the full name, age and address of a defendant is included in a court report for identification purposes.”

“It is our duty to provide accurate reports of court proceedings, and the publication of [Tommy Robinsons] address is part of that duty.”

If Leeds Live were so concerned about accuracy, they would have reported the events on Friday, and not have listened to the Establishment by covering up the story.

The website owned by Trinity Mirror fought the media ban in court today.

It was lifted by Judge Marsen who jailed Tommy Robinson in secrecy and tried to BAN the press from reporting it.

You can Contact the folks at Leeds Live here to voice your outrage….

Publisher – Matt Millington

Phone: 07785476069


Live news reporter – Nathan Hyde

Phone: 07785476081


Wayne Ankers (Editor)

Phone: 01484 430000


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1 Comment

1 Comment

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