Tommy Robinson

MANCHESTER: The Birthplace Of ‘Tommyism’

MANCHESTER has laid claim to being the birthplace of many social and political movements which have changed the world as we know it – social and political movements such as Marxism, Vegetarianism and Women’s Suffrage.

The City is a hotbed of ideas and discussion and recently we witnessed something quite remarkable. Tommy Robinson came to town and instead of the door being shut in his face, it was booted open by the silent majority, the put-upon working class who see Tommy as one of them. Mainly because he is.

There is no larger political or social demographic in this country than the working classes and right now he has their attention, as the liberal elite are so far up their own backsides that they may as well be speak Klingon the amount of sense that they are making.

Thousands turn-out to support Robinson.

Andy Burnham the Manchester Mayor typified this sneering demeanor when he labelled everyone on that march as being part of the far right. Let that sink in as he labelled grannies and mothers with their children protesting against Islamic Terrorism as being worthy of contempt.

This is why Tommy was welcomed as the political elite in this country is once again refusing to listen to those who suffer the failures of their policies. As it’s the working class communities of this country who have had to bear the brunt of their refusal to tackle problems within the Muslim community, typified by Andy Burnham, who would rather court votes from that community who vote en bloc than challenge behaviors and practices within which then put working class kids in the line of their fire.

No wonder Tommy was given such a reception; and it’s a reception which will provide a watershed moment in British political history, as this was the moment where many – myself included – actually sat up and listened to what he was saying rather than just dismissing him based on what we were told he said.

Scenes in Manchester for the #FreeTommy Movement.

This movement will now gather pace as more and more normal, ordinary working class people will feel emboldened by the support shown to Tommy in Manchester on Sunday.

Where this will end who knows? But I can happily say that I witnessed the birth of a new social movement in Manchester as I witnessed the birth of #Tommyism; and it’s a movement which will finally cut through the unnatural and oppressive straight jacket of politically correct social Marxist control. No more will we be silenced, and we will reassert our rights to free speech.

He has the attention of the working classes now, and they are behind him more so than any figure that I can ever remember, and that will terrify those in authority. It’s about time that the straitjacket of control which has been put in place to keep people frightened to speak out even though the silence threatens you and your families, is consigned to the bin of failed totalitarian ideas.

Tommy campaigning in Manchester.

People have had enough, and maybe this march will finally see a watershed in British social and political history where the people finally lift their heads from their televisions and stand shoulder to shoulder as one and demand change from those in authority. Tommy Robinson is not a Saint; he has flaws like the rest of us, but for now he has our attention.

Let’s see where this #Tommyism takes us, as quite frankly, anywhere is better than the place where the liberal elite have led us to.

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