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Tommy Robinson

NEW: Tommy Robinson Planning MASSIVE Anti-Censorship Rally

TOMMY Robinson is planning a massive anti-censorship rally after the activist was banned from Facebook.

In a YouTube video, Robinson, 36 revealed how he was planning, along with other banned activists, to have a massive anti-censorship rally.

He said: “You can now see the lengths they will go to silence us all. They’re not just censoring me, they’re censoring you, they’re censoring you to have the ability to make your own mind up, whether you agree with me or not, whether you agree with Jeremy Corbyn or not. Whether you agree with any of these ideas, you have to be able to hear the ideas, and hear the counter-arguments.”

“The lies that Facebook are putting out. The lies that are being run across this world, by the media, that I have instigated murder and violence against Muslims. Everyone of you that follows me knows that’s a lie.”


Tommy is currently in discussion with lawyers about taking Facebook to court over the lies he alleges Facebook are telling, “Complete lies; and if you can’t see the timing of this, the minute that the BBC and the Government and Hope Not Hate were exposed to the world, the minute they removed my ability to talk to you.”

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Robinson was referring to his documentary Panodrama, an expose of BBC’s current affairs program Panorama. Robinson urged his followers to see Panodrama, which was released just days before his social media sites were purged.

“The BBC, the establishment are all working together to destroy anyone who goes against them.”


Robinson’s book ‘Mohammed’s Koran’, a critical look at Islam’s holiest of books, was also removed from Amazon, whilst Mein Kampf (Hitler’s Manifesto) is still available.

“People have to speak now,” Robinson implored his followers, “Everyone knows I’ve not incited any violence against Muslims. If I would have incited violence against Muslims do you not think the British police would have arrested me?”


“The Muslim brotherhood are still on social media, terrorist organisations are still on social media, rapists are still on social media, child abusers are still on social media. All the efforts to silence are being used against the opposition to globalism; the opposition to Islam. It’s real.”

“It’s Panodrama that’s had me erased from the internet.”

Robinson finished his rant by telling his audience that he was off to Finland to attend a documentary premiere, one that the mainstream media were ignoring, “When the refugees come to Finland cameras were given, they were given to multiple people to tell the story that happened. A lovely young man, from what I’ve witnessed in the footage, come into the country as a refugee, a real refugee, but very quickly he realised that many of the people he was housed with were terrorists and terrorist supporters; it tells that story. It then shows how the rape crisis hit Finland. It shows how Finland suffered its first terrorist attack, and guess what the mainstream will not air that documentary. Well on Friday I’ll be at the premiere screening of it. And now I’m sorry I can’t share that with you on Facebook or Instagram, that’s why they’ve deleted it, because they don’t want you to see the truth. They don’t want you to have a balanced opinion on what’s happening. They want you to believe what they tell you…Which is fake news, the reality is very different.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roy callis

    March 1, 2019 at 10:23

    Organise a march Tommy, we’re all behind you, and I guarantee, it’ll be massive, you’ve done no wrong OH TOMMY TOMMY ? Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson ? LEGEND ?????????????

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