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PANODRAMA: Watch The CENSORED Film of How They Rule Ya

THE BBC portray themselves as being a free beacon of impartially, an organisation of balance and fairness, they even have a royal character to support this but the truth is they are far from any of that.

On Saturday 23rd February I travelled to the BBC’s HQ in Salford just outside Manchester with a few friends to watch Tommy Robinson’ expose of John Sweeney, The BBC and Panorama.

Along with George Soros funded terror organisation Hope Not Hate, Sweeney and his establishment puppets were planning to take Tommy Robinson down in a documentary for Panorama but it back-fired and instead, the tables were turned on them.

Arriving in Manchester around 11.30am, it was a beautiful morning, there was already a heavy police presence, luckily we arrived and got to the destination before Greater Manchester Police shut down the tram system to Media City preventing many of Robinson’s followers from attending the expose, something that they later went on to deny but this was evidenced by the tram company themselves.

As we embarked on Media City we were led by the police past the counter-protests organised by Hope not Hate, The Socialist Worker and the left who were displaying their usual Soros funded placards and banners and waving their red communist flags.

There was around 500 people at the counter demonstration where Aussie Jew Avi Yemini was interviewing people from the left asking them to explain what “fascism” was and why so many of them call him a fascist but NONE of them could give him a straight or defining answer.

You see, people on the left love to throw out these manufactured sound bites but when they are quizzed about them and put on the spot, more often than not they cannot explain what they are talking about.

I wonder how they would feel about what would come out of John Sweeney’s mouth later that afternoon? Would they show the true hypocritical double standards of the left after hearing one of the BBC’s most respected journalists using the term “Woofter” to describe gay men?

Would they show the same moral outrage when they learnt of the tactics Sweeney and his team were using in order to complete the Tommy Takedown on-behalf of The British establishment?

I think we already know the answer to that because the left stay silent when it’s one of their own.

After walking through the counter protests we past a packed out bar that must have done a roaring trade that day before making a right turn to where Tommy Robinson had his stage set.

There have been conflicting reports of how many of Robinson’s supporters were in attendance but my own personal opinion is that there must have been close to 10,000 people there. A figure played down by the police and the mainstream media.

Speeches were given by UKIP leader Gerard Batten and Aussie patriot Avi Yemini before Tommy unveiled his “Panodrama” expose.

Most people in the UK believe that the BBC and Panorama are trusted reputable news outlets, as a citizen of the UK you are brought up and conditioned to think that way but I have thought the opposite for over a decade now and stopped watching them many years ago. They are fake news, they are manufactured news and they most certainly are agenda driven. They are anything but IMPARTIAL as Tommy Robinson highlighted for all to see.

Sweeney, Panorama, The BBC and the George Soros funded Hope not Hate were planning to take Tommy Robinson down but he was one step ahead of them, his own undercover reporters would not only expose the tactics used by the establishment to silence people that speak out against the injustices we are facing in Britain today, but they would also prove to highlight how the fake news media in the UK manufacture stories and agenda driven news to programme the general public.

Robinson’s team would show the abhorrent lengths these people will go to and the utter disdain and contempt the BBC has for the working class people of Britain. You would think the left would want to unite against the tactics they used but instead they turn a blind eye and wave their manufactured placards.

The expose which lasted just over an hour unearthed the scare tactics that Sweeney and his team were trying to use, it highlighted how the likes of Sweeney can travel up and down the country quaffing champagne and running up huge bar bills at YOUR expense whilst they are manufacturing the news that is fed into the mainstream.

Robinson’s own documentary showed clear evidence of how the establishment could potentially ruin someone’s life trying to silence them by manufacturing and shaping stories of sexual assault, lies and harassment via so-called reputable news organisations like Panorama.

The disrespect and scorn that Sweeney used at times to describe the working class, homosexuals, Greeks and the Irish should have had the left showing their moral outrage but it won’t.

Sweeney was caught on camera slurring his words after meeting an ex-employee of Robinson and plying her with booze trying to get some dirt out of her, (a classic tactic of so-called journos like him), but what high profile Sweeney didn’t bank on however, was that he himself had become the focal point for Tommy’s own documentary and was, in fact, being filmed himself. It wasn’t Robinson’s ex-employee that was becoming loose, it was John Sweeney.

Sweeney’s hatchet team had previously offered the woman £5k to dish the dirt on Tommy, approaching her during a very vulnerable time when she was at a low point and out of work.

Thousands in the crowd heard harrowing accounts of other former Robinson employees who were alleged to have been sexually attacked by certain members of Hope not Hate, one of them describing how he too had been plied with drink before waking up later that evening half naked with an employee of the Soros funded hate group trying it on with him.

They heard John Sweeney referring to former leader of the IRA Martin McGuiness as a hero of his.

The BBC take billions from the people of the UK every year via their stealth tv tax, they use the funding to manipulate you, to push fake news onto you and to programme your way of thinking whilst their journalists like John Sweeney are swanning up and down the country racking up huge bar bills plying people with drink to get stories out of them.

Tommy Robinson’s expose of John Sweeney, the BBC and Panorama has hardly been touched by the mainstream media, instead they focus on the fact that Robinson was instructing the public to cancel their tv licences. Mainstream media IGNORE what Tommy has highlighted, they turn a blind eye to it because they are all part of the establishment system, they are all part of the system that controls you.

This is how they rule ya……

You don’t have to be ruled anymore and you certainly don’t have to contribute to the bias reporting of the BBC or the making of fake documentaries and tv “programmes” designed to silence people that stand up against the establishment and the ruling elitists.

Join the revolution, follow Tommy Robinson’s advice and cancel their stealth tv tax today.

Remember that the BBC covered up paedophilia carried out on their premises by Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall etc for years, never forget their biased reporting of the Muslim grooming gangs and their slanted coverage of Brexit, not forgetting about the money they received from The European Union in the run-up to the referendum in 2016.

The BBC is not impartial, it is not a fair and balanced news organisation, they are the purveyors of fake manufactured news and you do not have to contribute to it any longer.

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