Tommy Robinson

‘STAB HIM’: Sick Trolls TARGET Tommy After MPs ‘Encourage’ Political Violence

VILE Twitter trolls have been targeting North West MEP Candidate Tommy Robinson following ‘encouragement’ from MPs and Mainstream Media figures.

Tommy, 36 is facing vile threats to his life on the European Election campaign trail, and some say that’s thanks to the ‘blatant promotion of political violence’ following the ‘Muslim Milkshake’ attack in Warrington last week.

The attack was ‘celebrated’ by leftist and Establishment opponents of the controversial political figure.

The most notable MP to ‘condone’ political violence by angry Muslim Danyaal Mahmud last week was Plymouth Tory MP Johnny Mercer, who was later accused of ‘encouraging’ attacks after Police warned Tommy of death threats.

The Tory tweeted a video of the attack and said: “Jeez. the reaction to this. It’s a *milkshake* Clearly I condemn political violence. This is not political violence from this guy on the left. It is a milkshake.”

Mahmud, aged 23 was welcomed with open arms by the leftist media, with Guardian sister paper The Observer giving the Muslim thug a full page interview branding him a ‘hero’ after he claimed he had received ‘death threats’ following his assault on Tommy.

Now, sick trolls online are posting threats against Mr Robinson, including one user who hoped the self-described liberal activist would be ‘stabbed.’

A Twitter user going by the name of ‘@shutupemmaa’ wrote: “Tommy Robinson is coming to my town on the 18th. I can’t wait to get arrested trying to stab him.”

Facebook user Hannah Stone wrote: “If anyone is up for sparking tommy Robinson he’s in Bootle n the 19th of May.”

“Right in time for my birthday.”

“Hopefully he doesn’t make it out alive.”

The vile and disturbing posts didn’t end there.

Jake Brown tweeted last week: “God I hope someone throws a brick at Tommy Robinson’s face next time Instead of milkshake. Or even better, stab him in his throat.”

Tommy spoke to Politicalite earlier this week and accused Mercer of ‘endorsing’ political violence and said he was ‘responsible’ for death threats,

Speaking exclusively to Politicalite, Tommy, 36 said: “He’s a politician who has encouraged an attack and made humour out of an assault.”

Robinson revealed that he had revealed that the Police had sat him down in his home “because of the whipping up of the situation.”

Tommy added: “They [The Police] said there’s gonna be attempts on my life to murder me on this campaign, I feel like his comments have been responsible.”

“There’s been three attacks against me in one day.”

“No one has faced prosecution, no one has been arrested.”

“Everyone has seemed to have celebrated it, including leading politicians.”

More follows.

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