Tommy Robinson

THE PEOPLES PARTY: Tommy Calls On Supporters To Strike Fear Into The Heart Of The Establishment And Join UKIP.

Speaking in a new video, made up of excerpts from a documentary series called The Real Tommy Robinson, Tommy has opened up about his relationship with UKIP and establishment politics in general.

Along with his supporters, whom he describes as the “Best of Britain”, he says that although they have been making “alot of noise” and “getting angry” it is ultimately “not going to change anything”, the realisation that is that it is “only through politics” that change can come, Tommy said.

At first, he thought that if he, and his supporters made enough noise, then “all the political parties” would want to listen and address the issues that were being raised, however, now he realises that it is only if you take their seats that they will take any notice.

Now, a movement has arisen, “not about Tommy Robinson but about oppression, free speech” and this movement is scared and knows that the country is moving in the wrong direction. It has grown and must be politicised, he argued.

He admitted that Labour is the Party that his family would have “traditionally voted for and supported”. However, he feels there has never been a Party that represents him or the people he knows.  Gerard Batten MEP, he said, is “not a career politician and is a working class man” who has handled himself under pressure and proven he is a leader with “every single aspect of a leader”. He expected Gerard to buckle under pressure from Nigel Farage, former UKIP MEPs and the mainstream media but he didn’t.

On UKIP, he said that if you “want a peoples party” then people will have to support it:

“Strike fear into the heart of the establishment. Join UKIP in your thousands.

Tommy On UKIP from Paul Burgess on Vimeo.

You can join UKIP here.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. anthony tannahill

    March 12, 2019 at 07:36

    The unemployed,students,should be able to join for free.

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