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TREASON MAY: Tommy U-Turn Is May’s Last Bit Of Treachery

TOMMY Robinson has once again found himself embroiled in controversy after a two day trial at the Old Bailey. He has been charged of causing anxiety to two convicted muslim paedophiles, taking photos of the defendants as they entered the courthouse and reporting on a case with a reporting restriction.

The charges relate to an event that took place last year outside Leeds crown court where Tommy live streamed an hour long video reporting on the trial of two muslim paedophiles. He calmly and politely asked the defendants “Alright lads. How are you feeling about your verdict?” as they entered the court house. He was arrested shortly after and was in prison no more than five hours later without even being given the chance to enter a plea or give a defense. He originally faced a 13 month prison sentence. However an appeal saw the sentence quashed by the Lord Chief Justice and he was released in August of 2018 after having served just two months of his sentence – mostly in solitary confinement.

Fast forward to May 2019 and the attorney general Geoffrey Cox ordered a fresh trial of Tommy over allegations he could have prejudiced a jury over his actions outside Leeds crown court in the previous year. A move that until recently was banned under an 800 year old double jeopardy law that stated defendants could not be retried on similar charges for a second time.

Geoffrey Cox remarked that “Posting material online that breaches reporting restrictions or risks predjudicing legal proceedings is a very serious matter”. What he failed to mention is that prior to the trial Tommy examined the notice boards of the court and due to an internal error the reporting restrictions were not displayed on the respective cases of which he commented on. Further to that the information Tommy brought to light was already in the public domain. The prosecutors were told that he was reading directly from the BBC’s own website. We’re led to believe that Tommy’s defence team cited information on the judiciary’s website in support of this claim but it was rebuked with the prosecution claiming that the information on their own website was wrong.

As we all know the left only has one standard and it is a double standard. Dame Victoria Sharp’s claims that Tommy was “aggressively confronting and filming” the defendants as they entered the court is in itself absurd. The comments demonstrate the blatant hypocrisy of the establishment as Tommy faced the exact same treatment from the left leaning media outside the Old Bailey prior to his trial even beginning.

The establishment – hell bent on censorship – is conducting a cultural cleanse of the right wing media. As always social media seems to be the target. With Geoffrey Cox of the prosecution stating  “I would urge everyone to think carefully about whether their social media posts could amount to contempt of court”. Governments and tech companies are colluding against citizens to silence free thinkers and to silence anyone who dares speak of muslim grooming gangs operating in the UK.

Tommy’s barrister asked after the trial about mitigation advising him that he could apologise for his actions in the hope of a reduced sentence from the judges. True to his form he declined declaring that “There will be no apology. I have done nothing wrong”. And it can be said without reservation that he is right. He is an innocent man.

The trial has been nothing more than a duplicitous attempt to silence Tommy at any cost. And cost it did. The case allegedly resulted in a £1 million bill to be footed by the tax-payer! Why are we sponsoring the governments vane self centred witch hunts when our police desperately need money to fight real crime?

And the cost goes beyond money. The government knows that prison for Tommy is a matter of life and death. The reckless behaviour of the attorney general is not only undermining Tommy’s freedom and his rights as a citizen but it is undermining his safety and the safety of his family. Prisons in the UK are dominated by radical jihadi muslim men. A custodial sentence for Tommy is a death sentence. And the government knows that. During his previous stint in jail Tommy was holed up in solitary confinement for fear of attack by his fellow inmates and he was forced to survive off cans of tuna as the food prepared in the prisons was being prepared by muslim inmates.

Tommy is due to be sentenced on 11th July.

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