Tommy Robinson

UKIP have the opportunity to electrify the forgotten working class if they let in Tommy


UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has decided to support Tommy Robinson’s proposed party membership.

It’s 23,600 members will now get the chance to exchange views on the subject and vote on his Robinson’s party membership later on this month.

Tommy, himself, endorsed his potential membership of UKIP in a video to his nearly 1m Facebook followers on Friday.

“I would join UKIP, but I find it amazing that the NEC couldn’t make a decision themselves that would prevent their own members from making their own decision on their party.

The name ‘Tommy Robinson’ has become a symbol; it’s become far more than me. The ‘#FreeTommy’ movement was not about me, it was about the British Public, it was about people all over the world, who feel oppressed, who feel like they’re being dictated to, who feel they don’t have a voice”.

“A movement has been created to give those people a voice. On Sunday the NEC of UKIP you have a choice to make, do you represent that feeling or do you crush it”. This isn’t actually about Tommy Robinson, me personally, this is about if your are willing to take-up that movement, willing to politicise that movement and willing to give people in this country a voice.

UKIP have the opportunity to electrify this country’s working class. I’ve seen people make comments saying, ‘Oh if Tommy Robinson joins UKIP, they might lose 2,000 members’, you might gain 20,000. You might cause a political revolution in Britain.

“It’s about time the British Public had a political party that they can get excited about”.

UKIP could be now well on the way to profoundly changing the landscape of the British political system and becoming, once again, an unexposed force in British politics.

Based on recent figures released by Survation (a member of the British Polling Council) on 1st September 2018 UKIP have vociferously overtaken the Liberal Democrat Party in the polls after an increase in their popularity, within the majority working-class in the British Public, from a meagre 3% to new heights of 7%.

‘Conservative 37% (-1), Labour 41% (+1), Lib Dem 6% (-4), SNP 3% (NC), UKIP 7% (+4), Green 2% (NC), AP 4% (-2): Change vs 7th July 2018’.

UKIP, proclaimed as being ‘The Peoples’ Army’, secured 3.9million ballots in the 2015 General Election in the light of the referendum over Brexit, the third most cogent political party in the United Kingdom.

Despite unprecedented successes in the 2015 General Election UKIP has seen it’s membership significantly decline by around 50%, from 46,000 to just over 23,000 members.

Tommy Robinson’s inclusion as one of its members and the betrayal over Brexit – (Theresa May’s Chequers Agreement) by the current Conservative Government could reignite the voting fires of UKIP.

The narrative of allowing Tommy Robinson to join UKIP would be a prospectively fundamental step towards ruffling the feathers of the political establishment in the United Kingdom. Tommy’s social media following is prodigious, attracting close to 900,000 followers on Facebook, 413,000 on Twitter before he was banned on 28th March 2018 413,000) and Youtube.

How many of Tommy’s social-media following are actual electoral voters?

UKIP leader Gerard Batten expressed his desire for UKIP to principally accept Tommy Robinson’s membership application:

“My personal opinion is that we should find a way of allowing Tommy Robinson to become a member, because for all his faults, and I’m sure he will admit he has got them and his indiscretions, he is incredibly brave and has stood up and defended people in the face of grave danger to himself.

Not everybody who has joined the BNP over the years is a bad person. They may have made a mistake because of a lack of understanding about the origin of these parties, but we have had a blanket ban on these people because we have to protect ourselves from infiltration. My view is that in this case, we should make an exception, a one-off”.

“But my personal opinion and I’ve had various meetings with Tommy Robinson and UKIP Peer (Lord Pearson – who is a supporter of Tommy Robinson), and I think he is a very special case.

He has explained that when he joined the BNP, he didn’t really know what they were about, he was quite young, he wasn’t particularly politically sophisticated”.

UKIP’s membership application includes the following abstract:

‘If you have ever been a member of the BNP, British Freedom Party or English Defence League, amongst other ‘far-right groups’, you are not eligible to join the party’.

Tommy Robinson revealed that the UKIP’s leader is the only politician who has ever made him want to vote,

“I’ve watched and I’ve met Gerard Batten and I want to say a thank you to UKIP and Gerard Batten to speaking out on my behalf and for reaching out to the people of this country for going and mixing it with the general people on the street on this country. I’ve stood and listened to Gerard Batten and that is the only politician I’ve watched and I’ve listened to that would make me get up and vote.”

According to legalisation an entity who has been sentenced or served more than 12 months in prison would not be able to stand as an MP. Questions could be asked to why Tommy was sentenced to 13 months in prison by Judge Geoffrey Marson QC, who carried an aura of partisanship, when delivering his verdict at Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday 29th May, against a ‘Contempt of Court’ prognostication.

Factions within UKIP, including the Youth Wing and Young Independence, are already backing the agenda to allow Tommy Robinson’s membership into the party.

Proposed by Alan Craig, UKIP’s Family and Children spokesman and seconded by Reece Coombes, the Deputy Chairman of UKIP’s Youth Wing’ Young Independence, the mandate reads:

‘The conference believes that Tommy Robinson stands on the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause from Robin Hood to the Suffragettes and Nigel Farage; admires his campaigns both for #FreeSpeech and to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to offer him membership of UKIP’.

Tommy Robinson has gone to prison for defending the motion of Free Speech in the United Kingdom, not many can say they have done that or have the ability to prospectively add it to their curriculum vitae.

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