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YOU SCUM: The Sun SIDES with the Establishment in Tommy Robinson case

BRITAINS biggest-selling newspaper has sided with the establishment in the Tommy Robinson case.

The Sun on Sunday’s Political Editor David Wooding tweeted about Stephanie Finnegan – the journalist who doxxed Tommy Robinson by publishing a former address that she believed to be Robinson’s after she appeared on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC Asian Network.

David Wooding with his best pal Dave Cameron

Wicked Wooding said of her: “She still has far more skills than a man with an agenda playing at being a journalism, (actually it’s Journalist – mate) and breaking the law, in order to further a political agenda. And more nous than people who fall for this con.”

Finnegan put Robinson’s innocent wife and children in grave danger and also put the innocent residents of the doxxed address in danger – her employer LeedsLive will not even appologise for her mistake.

Following ‘abuse’ Finnegan received, establishment Sun hack David Wooding said: “We should applaud this young journalist for doing her job in the face of appalling abuse. Another example of the Wild West social media running amok while politicians want to restrict trained professionals even more.”

Sources told Politicalite that Tommy’s Family do not reside at the house anymore and that the innocent family who lives there now are under threat.

Tommy has previously received threats from Islamic Extremists and a group of Muslim men were jailed after they were caught travelling to kill Tommy with IED’s in their car.

Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah has also threatened Tommy, he said in January 2018: “If you do not meet me, I’m gonna find where you live, track you down, all I have to do is wait outside your house, follow you and boom.”

Ali Dawah

Robinson replied: “Ali, if you come to my house, it will be the last thing you do, and if you ever wanted to meet your 72 virgins, it’s the easiest way for you to do it.”

Tommy added: “I’ve had six Osman warnings, government warnings to threats on my life, its a serious matter for me and my three young kids at home.”

So does Wooding still think Stephanie Finnegan has far more skills than “a man with an agenda playing at being a journalism?”

If she did have skills, she would have researched her case, the defendant and his history – she would have known not to publish his address due to previous threats to his life. She didn’t, she laughed about it on Twitter after she published her biased article.

Its no surprise the scum at The Sun would side with the Establishment – the paper infamously smeared the Hillsborough victims after the 1989 disaster running the vilest frontpage in history.

They claimed they spoke ‘The Truth’ and said Liverpool fans urinated on police, pick-pocketed dead victims and prevented brave PCs giving the kiss of life.”

According to a book on the disaster, ‘Stick it Up Your Punter – the Rise and Fall of the Sun’ Mackenzie sat for a full half hour thinking about the front page layout.

He considered two headlines, one that was rejected reading “You Scum”, and the one that was eventually used – and was to prove the biggest disaster for the paper’s reputation and sales “The Truth”.

“A team of about 18 journalists and photographers had been sent to cover the story, and although reporter Harry Arnold sought out MacKenzie to caution against reporting allegations as truth, MacKenzie pressed on.”

Under the headline “The Truth” there were three subheadings:

Some fans picked pockets of victims
Some fans urinated on the brave cops
Some fans beat up PCs giving the kiss of life

The story read as follows: “Drunken Liverpool fans viciously attacked rescue workers as they tried to revive victims of the Hillsborough soccer disaster, it was revealed last night.

“Police officers, firemen and ambulance crew were punched, kicked and urinated upon by a hooligan element in the crowd.

“Some thugs rifled the pockets of injured fans as they were stretched out unconscious on the pitch.

“Sheffield MP Irvine Patnick revealed that in one shameful episode a gang of Liverpool fans noticed that the blouse of a girl trampled to death had risen above her breasts.

“As a policeman struggled in vain to revive her, the mob jeered: ‘Throw her up here and we will **** her'”

The story went on: “One furious policeman who witnessed Saturday’s carnage stormed: ‘As we struggled in appalling conditions to save lives, fans standing further up the terrace were openly urinating on us and the bodies of the dead.”

A ‘high-ranking’ police officer was quoted as saying: “The fans were just acting like animals. My men faced a double hell – the disaster and the fury of the fans who attacked us.”

Kenny Dalglish, then Liverpool manager, later addressed the story in his autobiography:

“When the Sun came out with the story about Liverpool fans being drunk and unruly underneath a headline ‘The Truth,’ the reaction on Merseyside was one of complete outrage.

Newsagents stopped stocking the Sun. People wouldn’t mention its name. They were burning copies of it. Anyone representing the Sun was abused.

“Sun reporters and photographers would lie, telling people they worked for the Liverpool Post and Echo. There was a lot of harassment of them because of what had been written. The Star had gone a bit strong as well, but they apologised the next day. They knew the story had no foundation. Kelvin MacKenzie, the Sun’s editor, even called me up.

“‘How can we correct the situation?” he said.

“‘You know that big headline – ‘The Truth’,’ I replied. ‘All you have to do is put ‘We lied’ in the same size. Then you might be all right.’

“Mackenzie said: ‘I cannot do that.’

“‘Well,’ I replied, ‘I cannot help you then.’

“That was it. I put the phone down. Merseysiders were outraged by the Sun. A great many still are.”

Four years later in 1993, Kelvin MacKenzie went public for the first time about the calamitous decision to call Liverpudlians liars and thieves who preyed off the dying and dead.

“I regret Hillsborough,” he said. “It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake have I believed what an MP said.

It was a Tory MP. If he had not said it and the chief superintendent had not agreed with it, we would not have gone with it,” he told the Commons national heritage committee in January 1993.

However, the Hillsborough survivors’ felt his words amounted to a less than sufficient apology.

The Establishment smeared the Hillsborough victims back then and now The Sun is doing the same.

The Sun is supposed to represent working class people – their readers are white van men – the builders, the joiners, the tradesmen, the apprentices THE WORKING MEN of Britain.

The Sun sides with the Establishment – they work for the Tory Government and will never honestly represent the people of working-class Britain.

Tommy Robinson is our working class hero, he speaks the TRUTH about the scandals blighting working-class Britain. The Sun lies and smears us and its reporters smear our Tommy.

In America, News Corp-owned Fox News, which also owns The Sun has told the truth about Tommy Robinson, so why can’t The Sun? … because they work for the British Establishment that has illegally jailed Tommy Robinson without a fair trial.

It’s time the #FreeTommy movement did what Liverpool did all those years ago – 400,000 of us have signed a petition to get Tommy Robinson out of prison, so, to the mighty 400,000… #DontBuyTheSun

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