THE RIGHT LOOK: Right-wingers are more attractive than lefties

RIGHT-WINGERS are officially more attractive than their left-wing counterparts according to a study.

A recently published study in the Journal of Public Economics says that the attractiveness of a candidate does relate to their politics.

RIGHT LEADING MAN: Hollywood star turned President – Ronald Reagan.

In the study, people found that politicians on the right are more good-looking than ones on the left in the UK, the United States and Australia.

The researchers have a simple economic explanation for why right-wingers are more attractive.

According to data, we are attracted to people who are more likely to earn more, and that people who earn more are typically right wing.

They are opposed to redistributive policies, like higher taxes and welfare programs pushed by the left.

In their first experiment, the researchers showed respondents photographs of political candidates in Finnish municipal and parliamentary elections, members of the European Parliament, U.S. candidates for Senate and governor, and candidates for Australia’s House of Representatives.

IRON LOOK: Thatcher was obviously more beautiful than her left-wing rivals.

They asked participants to rate the photographs on a five-point scale.

The results suggested that politicians on the right are more beautiful on all three continents.

The researchers also suggest that voters correctly see candidates who are more good looking as more likely to be conservative.

When voters don’t know much about candidates, they tend to use beauty as a cue for ideology.

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