After The Governments Attack on Free Speech, We Can No Longer Support The Conservatives

THE Conservative Party has failed Britain. No longer does the greatest electoral force in the Western world represent the silent majority of forgotten men and women and no longer does this party fight for Britain or its values.

The British people have come under attack from Islamic Extremism, and now the British state itself.

The Government has chosen to appease those who cannot be named, by shutting down anyone who criticizes them.

Instead of fighting Terror, our government plans to give 20,000 Jihadi’s council homes.

Just this week, The Conservative Government banned a right-wing activist and a right-wing journalist from entering the Country.

Lauren Southern, from Canada, was arrested and detained at Calais.

Cuckservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd then decided to BAN Southern from Britain.

Our Home Secretary BANNED a journalist from entering the country, in the same way, in which a police state operates.

After she was released from detention by British authorities on Monday, Southern told her followers on Twitter that she was “doing fine” but had been “officially banned from UK for ‘racism’”.

A Right-Wing leader Martin Sellner and his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone were also refused entry into the UK.

The pair were detained and refused entry to Britain on Friday at Heathrow airport, ahead of a planned talk on free speech in Hyde Park.

Sellner said: “the UK will open its border to immigration but block dissenting opinions.”

They were then served Home Office papers which stated that his Generation Identity group was “viewed in the UK as a right-wing organisation”, and said that Sellner’s planned speech was “likely to incite tensions between local communities”.

Pettibone, who is a right-wing YouTuber, was then told she was blocked from entering Britain because she was planning interview former EDL leader turned journalist, Tommy Robinson.

The Home Office said Robinson was “a far-right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred”

Government Policy is now to restrict the freedom of speech, ban journalists and suppress the opinions of those they deem “Wrong.”

Last week, Britain First’s leaders were JAILED by a British Court.

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were arrested after a ‘campaign’ led by Fransen around an ongoing trial of four Muslim men who RAPED a 16-year-old girl in a flat above the 555 Pizza takeaway in Ramsgate.

Just DAYS ago, it was revealed that 1,000 girls had been RAPED, BEATEN and some even KILLED in Britain’s worst ever grooming case.

The men in the case were mostly Muslim, but authorities declined to keep any records because they feared being branded “Racist.”

When former EDL leader Tommy Robinson spoke out against Grooming Gangs, The British state tried to silence him, We can now see why.

We know by writing this, we will be branded “Far-Right” and “Racist” but Britain has become a state that actively jails its political opponents and bars entry to right-wing activists and journalists.

This should anger anyone who believes in democracy and the right to the basic human right of Freedom of Speech.

We are now a state that is no better than Iran, Russia or even North Korea – our country, a country that fought for its freedom and democracy, the freedom of political expression is cracking down on those very rights.

Under Theresa the Appeaser, The Conservatives have attacked Democracy and Free Speech, Britain has now become a police state.

Theresa May has got to go, she has to resign, she doesn’t even have a majority, and she is scared of her own shadow out of the fear she will lose her job.

Theresa, we don’t need a leader who is scared, we don’t need a leader who will appease the enemy within and put British people at the back of the queue.

Just this week Donald Trump attacked the EU and threatened a Trade War, he’s actually fighting for the forgotten men and women. Its a damn shame Theresa May is too scared to do the same.

This goes against every bone in my body, but I just can no longer support a Party that suppresses opinion, the rights of its citizens and sets fire to Democracy.

Never in a million years did I think I would have to write an article attacking the British Government for abusing its power and cracking down on free speech.

These are dark, dark times for Britain.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    March 17, 2018 at 21:02

    Fuck the government

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