Amid Covid Crash Tory MPs Tell PM: ‘Give Royals £190m YACHT To Honour Prince Philip’  

IT SEEMS Tory MPs are on another planet after calling for Boris Johnson to back new Royal Yacht Britannia as memorial to Prince Philip, despite a national pandemic economic crisis and rising poverty. 

The Sunday Telegraph reported Sunday that MPs, Cabinet ministers, businessmen and a former captain of Britannia are backing calls for the successor to be named HMY The Duke of Edinburgh as a sister vessel to aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales.

Any announcement could be tied to the Queen’s diamond jubilee next year, the minister said, adding: “A ship would be a very fitting way of commemorating him.”

The minister said: “Britannia was built to be a hospital ship as well as a royal yacht. Building a vast pleasure cruiser is not something that anyone is going to support.”

Build new Royal Yacht as tribute to Prince Philip, Boris Johnson told | Daily Mail Online

“But having a symbol of the nation that can travel the world, be used by the Royal family and have another sensible purpose such as helping young people is a better scheme. It could also be a flagship for reinvigorated British shipbuilding.”

The Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned under Tony Blair in 1997. 

Number 10 sources said it was a “nice idea” but they would have to consider the country’s wider shipbuilding plans first.


Many on Twitter rubbished the idea – Labour supporter Freddie said: “I do not support spending £190 million on a new Royal Yacht named HMY Duke of Edinburgh when the Government says we can’t afford to feed hungry children.” 

Teaching Union Vice President Dan wrote: “I do not support spending £190million on a new Royal Yacht named HMY Duke of Edinburgh. Not when it would cost substantially less (c.£117million), to provide Free School Meals through the summer. That is where our money should go. Child poverty is the key issue of our time.” 

“Imagine what we’d say about another country that had 1,300 foodbanks but were considering building a Royal Yacht” said Tim Burgess of the rock band The Charlatans. 

Loz said: “Apparently the tories are going to spend £190m of our money on a new Royal Yacht, they’re dedicating it to #PrincePhilip the English electorate doff their caps and turn a blind eye to this tory profligacy, whilst at the same time sitting in judgement on the poor, utter C***S..

David Osland joked: “Instead of building a new royal yacht, why not buy Jeffrey Epstein’s old one secondhand? Prince Andrew can vouch for how nice it is.” 

What do YOU think? Should Britain build a £190m boat for the Windsors?

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