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BIAS BRADY: Man in charge of next Tory Leadership contest says Jacob Rees-Mogg should NOT be next leader



JACOB REES-MOGG should NOT run for the Tory leadership according to Graham Brady MP, the man who could possibly oversee the next Conservative leadership contest.

Brady who is the head of the all-powerful 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs made the remarks when meeting Young Conservative’s at University College London last Thursday evening.


The 1922 Committee assesses, organises and ballots on leadership challenges — meaning its power, when called upon, can be huge.

Brady said that the next Tory leadership election will see a “cast of thousands” run for the job… but Jacob Rees-Mogg should not be one of them,

Mr Rees-Mogg, who is the favourite to replace the Maybot and is widely popular among Conservatives “would fail to connect with the wider country.” according to Brady.


“I really like Jacob,” he said when asked if Rees-Mogg was a “viable candidate” to become party leader. “Great guy. Brilliant speaker. Knows exactly what he thinks. He’s very often right.

Brady added: “I don’t think that it would work. He brings a lot of fun to politics. A lot of style. He is very entertaining. Cheers everybody up. And there is a real serious point as well.”

“But it’s one thing for a lot of members of the public, or the party, to think it’s great fun and admire him for never mincing his words and speaking 18th Century English.

“It’s another thing to see that translate to being the prime minister and connecting with the whole of the country. So no I don’t see it happening.”

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