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COMMENT: Boris is just getting started, Tory MPs need to BACK HIM!  

In 2018 Britain was in crisis, we had a weak and unstable leader who had lost her majority, pushing a soft Brexit and a Tory party in disarray. that Prime Minister later resigned and by 2019, Boris Johnson was voted in as Tory leader and won a subsequent election – the biggest Tory majority since Margaret Thatcher.

There is a reason both Maggie and Johnson won massively – because they garnered the support of the silent majority of working-classes who wanted hope, not handouts and dope.

In 2019, Blackpool – one of the most deprived towns in England voted overwhelmingly for the Tories and Boris Johnson. Since then, Blackpool has started to see the benefits levelling up with millions being invested in the town.

The plot to oust Boris isn’t about party-gate – any sane person knows that Boris Johnson’s party wasn’t on par with one of Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous “Bunga Bunga” parties like the Woke media would like you to believe, it was a few M&S sandwiches and juice – are we really going to get rid of a PM for having the dullest Birthday “party” in political history? and, who the hell has the capacity to replace him?

Boris also still has the support for the working people, it’s middle-class Remainers who are hellbent on trying to depose the PM for personal gain – this isn’t about the Red Wall voters who will benefit from Boris Johnson’s levelling-up agenda, this is about their personal ambition.

Slimey snake Jeremy Hunt who is allegedly in cahoots with the French President are trying to drag Britain back into a new version of the European Union.

As Tory Culture and Media minister Nadine Dorries said last week: “There is obviously, I think probably led by one or two individuals, a campaign behind the scenes to try, attempt to remove the Prime Minister for individual reasons to do with personal ambition or other reasons.”

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Asked who was behind the campaign, she said she had “no idea” but there was “obviously a co-ordinated campaign”.

Don’t chuck Britain’s levelling-up agenda down the pan, don’t relegate the Tories to history with a Labour-SNP coalition as the future, think with your heads and BACK BORIS! 



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